Pia Trickett


This teacher training has been absolutely fantastic. Beyond the wealth of knowledge, which I feel honoured to have had access to, both Bianca and Simon have been truly wonderful supports and communicators.

The zoom sessions have been a joy to go through and I hang off every word! It has, however, been a little bit isolating feeling like I’m ‘falling behind’ because of the number of hours I have not been able to find in a week to complete the zoom sessions, however, I do not think this is a fault of the course! That one is on me, I would never suggest that less material is better.

Another slightly isolating component is that, because I am more of a timid person, I haven’t taken the initiative to either speak up during a zoom session nor email in any questions. I don’t feel like I am missing out on any valuable material because of this, however, it has left me with a slight sense of disconnection. Not inherently a problem considering that I signed up knowing it would all be online, but potentially could be rectified by having a session or two where group participation is required? Whether that be a video intro session/group Q&A where everyone is expected to share? Maybe this is the plan for the future tutorial layout I’m not sure. I just wonder whether if participation had been more formally structured would I have felt a bit more accountability and also connection? In saying this, I also recognise that I could have sent in questions and spoken up at anytime.

Bianca and Simon have been nothing but open and approachable. So maybe a part of me has liked having the option of anonymity. I’m not sure. What I do know is that for the more shy students maybe a slightly obligatory push to speak up could be of some value?

Otherwise this course, and especially the zoom sessions have been bloody fantastic, wowowowow. My life has changed because of the knowledge I’ve gained. I feel energy and love during my practice! AND I’ve realised that I’m more than just limbs, I have a spine! 😮 Mind blowing the fact that never before during a yoga practice had I even thought about bringing attention to this part of my body.

I cannot express my gratitude enough. Bianca, Simon and all those connected to the teachings you have shared, thank you. You have guided me towards experiencing joy, lightness and strength.

Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste