Safaa Serieddine


Well it was another exciting incredible course with Yoga Synergy, it was great how all the component of the course completing each other, how the lectures of Simon made the book very easy to understand, while it not very complicated but not easy to study or understand alone( while I am self learning person). Beside the wonderful supplementary practice videos.

After finishing it I feel my brain glowing with these new important information, with this course beside Advanced Yoga Fundamentals course, give me the possibility to trust my home practicing SAFELY, with helping people around me to practice and learn practicing safely in addition to be able to find self treatment and heal far of medicines and doctors for me, my family and friends.

Absolutely,I recommended this course not only for yoga practitioners, but for any person care about his health and people around him and I recommend Yoga Synergy particularly for anything in this field. BECAUSE it is very convincing depending on scientific reasonable data.
Thank you very much I appreciate all your efforts.