After 18 years of consistent asana practice, with no little or no medical or anatomical background, I now feel like I’ve been fumbling around in the dark. BUT, when I discovered the online availability of Simon and Bianca’s work, every single aspect of my practice found a stronger foundation; the physical (I’m safer), the philosophical (so much more of the mysterious Sanskrit makes sense) and the meditative (I’m calmer and more focussed). It is truly summed up in their own ‘mission statement’ (Yoga for the modern body).

I’d like to extend this review to include all of the download products that I’m enjoying, and not only the therapy course. If you care about not damaging yourself or, if applicable, your students, then you really will not regret investing the time and money into this work. It’s also important that we are supported well when necessary, (in the world of I.T.) and to know that you’re a real student / customer and not just another sale. On that I would add that every time I’ve had reason to contact them, they’ve listened and helped so, these days that’s not too far from being at the feet of your guru I guess. Highly recommend this course, it’s well structured, clear and very well indexed for future reference. If nothing else, Simon’s injury list alone, will help you practice and teach with caution!