Tian Sheng


Bianca and Simon are great teachers.The synergy style is gentle and very accessible to all bodies.The online training has its advantages of being time flexible and accessible for people all over the world, however it is merely an eye opener and to get the full benefit of the training I think an in person training is still the best option. I have learnt so much from the course and would highly recommend anyone interested in yoga to spend time to learn what Simon and Bianca has to offer.truly grateful for their teachings.

My yoga practice will never be the same again – in a good way!
I have learnt so much, and am truly grateful for this teacher training because it gave me the tools to not only be able to safely teach others but to improve my own practice.

I find the synergy style very intelligent, and not just based on appearance, but on logical and scientific interpretation of traditional teachings.

I now incorporate the synergy movements into my own daily practice, and have noticed the difference in my body, as I become warmer, more active, and more connected just by doing simple-looking movements.

I learnt simple doesn’t mean easy, and simple can be extremely effective, and have the same benefit as complex movements. I also learnt that a pose may look simple, but there is so much going on inside, properly engaging the right muscles and knowing the purpose of the pose is more important than copying the physical form.

I realised the value of building a solid foundation, in learning key areas to focus on, and taking these same principles into all postures.

The assignments have been very cleverly designed to make sure I dig deeper into the resources to have a better understanding. I really enjoyed doing them!

Overall I am so glad I did the course, and learnt more than I expected.

I hope I can teach at Yoga Synergy one day and share my love of yoga with others, and spread the knowledge Bianca and Simon have passed onto me through this training.