Yoshida Hisako


Both Bianca and Simon are truly amazing respectable teachers and role models for me on the mat as well as daily life. And I’m grateful for having this opportunity to learn Yoga Synergy directly from them.

I love Yoga Synergy which changed my life so much that I always wanted to enroll in Teacher Training held in Goa and Bali. However, time and family matters had prevented me from taking part in TT. So, when I found out that new Online Teacher Training was to be held last October, I was thrilled to take this opportunity!

OTT has been a wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy learning the Yoga Synergy method and prepare to take a step forward to share the wisdom of Yoga Synergy. It was really helpful for me to learn online. Because of this it’s been easier to manage my spare time effectively.

I watched the online lesson videos over and over again to deepen my understanding. I asked questions in the online classes as well as sent emails- sometimes with my photos and videos attached. And the answers I received from both Bianca and Simon were always thorough, easy to understand and very helpful for me.

I was impressed with the Yoga Synergy method – especially with the fact that it accommodates every student at the same class – whether you’re a beginner or a high level practitioner.

I learned that a so called ‘simple’ pose is as important and worthwhile as a so called ‘complex’ pose as long as you create the feeling inside your body and mind. I was convinced that Yoga Synergy method is a safe and gentle way to practice yoga while making you strong and flexible both physically and mentally.

I learned from Simon that Spinal Movements are not only the safest ways for ordinary people to get the long-term health benefits of yoga but also have so many layers and benefits for high level practitioners as well. They can even be applied to pranayama (breath control), too.

One of the most impressive experiences was a tutorial session with Bianca. Each of us demonstrated a short sequence in a zoom online class and the advice I received from her was really helpful for me. I believe that was the turning point when my mindset changed from just a student who loves Yoga Synergy to a teacher candidate who wants to share the wisdom of Yoga Synergy. Before I knew it, I came to think that I would like to share the teachings of Yoga Synergy when the time comes.

Lastly I would like to thank Jennifer who demonstrated with her side towards us so that we could understand the movements easily and Lorenzo and Amalia who played the role of students for us to learn how to adjust the postures of our ‘future’ students !”