Working In not Out with Simon Borg-Olivier

“You may hear me say in other posts that it is important to move lovingly, gently, without any sense of stress of stretch or tension and that is exactly what I am doing here. It’s what we should always do, work at our level. What is appropriate for our bodies in the here and now. This was twenty years ago….”

Doing an easy or difficult practice is not about how it looks, but it is always about how it feels for you.
It is always important to practice aiming to lovingly nurture the state of your physical body, the levels of your energy and nervous system, and the quality of your mind, at the time of your practice.

The practice I am showing here may seem extreme to most people but when I did it 20 years ago it was effortless and fun.

Now I am in my 60’s and I practice with the same loving nurturing approach but my movements and postures don’t look as flamboyant on the outside as this practice may look to some people. But because I’ve had 20 years more experience my practice now feels much better and nurtures me even more than the what I am showing here did.

I don’t do a work-OUT, which can be stressful, and often results in having less energy and more need for sleep and food. Instead I do what I call a work-IN, which results in me being more relaxed and having more energy after my practice while reducing my needs for sleep and food.

With diligence, regular practice and some good tuition, it does not take more than about 2-3 years for a person in their teens or in their early 20’s, who is of reasonable health, to develop a physical practice like I demonstrate here. But to develop a physiologically and mentally sound practice for longevity requires much more skill and time.

Now after more than 50 years of practice and 40 years of teaching my simple practice is one that enhances energy levels with calmness and internal peace, while nurturing not only recovery from sickness and injury, but also maintaining ongoing internal organ health and mental well-being so you can live long and remain productive.

As exercise-based physiotherapists and with the understanding We have gratefully received from our great traditional teachers of many systems, Bianca Machliss and I have developed our YogaSynergy program that develops strength, flexibility, fitness, internal health and well-being, for any age and for any level of body.

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