Get on your head

Should you ‘get on your head’ or ‘off your head’?

Are you feeling ungrounded? and maybe a bit ‘Off your head’ from too much partying perhaps? Are you feeling lacking in lacking in self confidence?

Well here is the solution… Get ‘onto your head’ (instead of ‘getting off your head’!) and build your self confidence by letting the ‘sun shine out of you’! by first ‘putting the sun into you’! ?

Thanks to my amazing photographer and dear friend Alessandro Sigismondi for his brilliance in capturing this magic moment at Mandrem beach, North Goa, India.

On a more serious note this is not a safe posture for most people to try. Today this was just for fun, and my studies really tell me that most people in the modern world are not really qualified or ready to practice headstand, and although many people can physically stand on their heads, they are not getting the true benefits that headstand is supposed to offer and there are much safer and more effective ways to get health, wellbeing, happiness and longevity.

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 I have also published a series of  blog articles.


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