Zen Hua Yang: Taoist Yoga Master

by Simon Borg-Olivier

Master Zhen Hua Yang has been my main yoga teacher since 2006. After practicing yoga for more than 40 years and teaching for 30 years Master Yang has helped me make a fresh beginning to my practice that has resolved many of the physical and physiological challenges that my previous practice was unable to resolve. He has helped me develop increased spinal flexibility without ever making me feel like I was doing stretching exercises, he has given me increased strength without feeling tense and helped heal the most significant bone breakage and muscle tears I have ever had in my life. Master Yang is a true Master whos energy is tangible. His demonstrations of strength and internal energy are as impressive as I have ever seen. If you have a chance I strongly recommend you don’t miss an opportunity to learn from him in person, on video or online at Master Yang’s new website.

The principles that Master Yang teaches his yoga with are at the core of the Yoga Synergy System and so if you do not have a chance to work with Master Yang personally then consider looking at one of the comprehensive and award winning Online courses at YogaSynergy called Yoga Fundamentals (a very practical course for anyone with an interest in yoga, exercise or health) and Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga (a more technical course for teachers, therapists and experienced students).


My forthcoming workshop with Master Yang on the weekend of the 29 and 30 September 2015


Master Yang workshop OrganHarmony_29-30August2015

Our forthcoming workshop I am teaching with Master Yang

Our forthcoming workshop I am teaching with Master Yang

About the Calligraphy Yoga of Master Zhen Hua Yang

The ‘Calligraphy Yoga’ of Master Yang works with 3-dimensional movements that help release muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Specialising in increasing oxygen flow through the body. the end result is a calm & grounded person with happiness coming from inside.

It is a fusion of four long established traditions. Each of these contributes to forge a distinctive synthesis that is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their physical health, strengthen their psychological resilience and cultivate their internal energetic reserves.

  1. The principles of Tai Chi bring smooth effortless movement
  2. The principles of Chinese Qigong bring an understanding of internal energy and a focus on Dantian as an energetic centre
  3. The postures of Indian Yoga bring a physiological structure and form to the movements
  4. The technique of Chinese calligraphy brings a 3 dimensional flow to the movements that is both intuitive and graceful


Master Yang Calligraphy Yoga Demonstration

Posted on our facebook site by Simon Borg-Olivier

This video shows Master Yang doing some seemingly very simple movements that have a lot of internal energetics that can be lost on many people if they approach it will the wrong attitude of for example that it is all about stretching or tensing muscles – he says all you have to do is three things – unblock the blockages, make the energy move inside and then just enjoy the paradise that is the natural state within! – it really works!

Posted on our facebook site by Christopher Morey Monday 14 June 2010 at 12:30pm

This is amazing – and a little freaky. It is very nearly exactly what I’ve been doing out in my yard lately 🙂

Simon Borg-Olivier talking about Master Yang and his system of yoga and martial arts

Posted on our facebook site by Christopher Morey Monday 14 June 2010 at 12:11pm

Great vid Simon – you articulate the principals beautifully.

Posted on our facebook site by Simon Borg-Olivier Monday 14 June 2010 at 12:13pm

Thanks Chris – i only just saw it for the first time now – i forgot i gave the interview actually – but Master Yang is a real inspiration to me so it is easy to talk about him really – cheers

Posted on our facebook site by Christopher Morey Monday 14 June 2010 at 12:27pm

The spinal subtleties are fascinating – I’ve found as I relax deeply there is more ‘internal’ movement – even with outer movements that are very small – and it feel incredible. It is like most types of exercise involve ‘turning up the volume’ – whereas this kind of approach is ‘listening’.


Master Yang Demonstrating how his movements can generate tremendous internal energy and external power:

Master Yang demonstrates all this power, which he gathers while he moves and tremendous grace without the martial quality in his caligraphy yoga. Although he can wield tremendous internal power externally as this video demonstrates Master Yang is gentle in nature and is a true yogi at heart.

Posted on our facebook site by Lexi Keller Monday 14 June 2010 at 11:39pm

Goodness me…how relaxed is his body? The energy behind each movement is almost visible….What a beautiful artform he has created or at least mastered. (I assume?) Gorgeous!


One of my previous workshops with Master Yang

Master Zhen Hua Yang and Simon Borg-Olivier, Sydney Workshop 8th September 2012

Master Zhen Hua Yang and Simon Borg-Olivier, Sydney Workshop 8th September 2012

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  1. that’s just so beautiful to watch, it reminded of me of a performance i saw a couple of years ago by sylvie guillem (prima ballerina) . . . the entire time she was onstage she was moving from her centre, dan tien i think it’s called & her energy just flowed out from her limbs as she moved . . . seeing these amazing practitioners of their art is just so inspiring, we’re blessed to be in the presence of such talent & beauty . . . metta

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