Complete Spinal Movements Sequence by Simon Borg-Olivier

This video is an experienced demonstration of a complete fifteen minute Yoga Synergy spinal sequence practice. This sequence can be practiced at the beginner or the intermediate level.

Image – Simon Borg-Olivier. Padmasana in a Clovelly Cliff Storm, by Stuart Fell

In the next few blogs we will be presenting a series of short videos that break down and explain this sequence in order help to understand its anatomical (physical) and physiological (energetic) effects. Once the applied anatomy and physiology of a sequence are understood it is then possible to maximise physical benefits such as strength and flexibility, and more physiological benefits such as circulation, energy, nervous system control, internal organ function and healing powers.

This is a video of a Yoga Synergy Spinal Movements sequence that forms part of a series of videos and live courses taught by physiotherapist and Director of Yoga Synergy throughout the world as well as part online courses at RMIT University ( and Yoga Synergy (Yoga Fundamentals and Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga) This video was one of a series filmed by David Samulenok of RMIT University.


Hear Simon discuss this sequence in detail. View Parts 1-28 here.

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