Learn Breath Control in 2022 for greater health and wellbeing

By learning ‘breath-control’ exercises, know as Pranayama you can experience improved energy, health and longevity.

If you haven’t practiced pranayama before, you may want to join Simon Borg-Olivier who teaches the proper techniques for these breathing exercises. Simon has over 50 years experience and is a qualified Physiotherapist.

Simon teaches a technique that can increase oxygen uptake directly to the cells, to increase overall energy levels and improve mental clarity. The simple practice is accessible to everyone. You will learn how to reduce your appetite for heavy, processed and acidic foods, calm your nervous system and reduce stress.

Yoga Synergy offers two options to learn these skills.

Our Breath Online Course (Breathe – Intro to Pranayama30% OFF UNTIL JAN 31st) contains a breathing lecture and  15 short lessons going through basic breathing exercises – all without any muscular contractions to do with bandha.

These sequences include breathing with …

  • Inhalation emphasis
  • Exhalation emphasis
  • Emphasis on hold the breath in
  • Emphasis on hold the breath out
  • Combinations of the above breaths
  • How to use the 12 bridges between conscious and unconscious

Try a FREE Lecture here.

The Breath Control  Workshop  is a two hour session in which Simon give some basics in the form of a lecture and he demonstrates  some  breathing techniques.
He then explains and goes through 3 practices from intermediate to a more advanced level.

Then he takes students  through a 12 minute sequence of breath without bandha using the principles in the online course – this practice finishes with the last three breaths of being one breath per minute ideally.

He then takes you through a sequence of exhalation retention practices done over a six minute period.
Each breath is about 30 seconds with emphasis on exhalation retention with bandha (Uddiyana, and various forms of Nauli Kriya )

Then a breath practice with a possibility of doing six parts for each breath including the following rhythm
Six part breath: 1:1,1:1:1,1

Inhale 10 seconds: Inhale retention 20 seconds (Pretend exhale 10 seconds, Pretend inhale 10 seconds): Exhale 10 seconds: Exhale retention 20 seconds (Pretend inhale 10 seconds, Pretend exhale 10 seconds)
I begin this sequence with one breath every 24 sequence snd build up to one breath every 72 seconds

Then the class finishes with Simon discussing some of the finer aspects of breath control and some theory.

Did you know? 

Pranayama has been scientifically proven to:

1. Decrease stress
2. Improve sleep quality
3. Increase mindfulness
4. Reduce high blood pressure
5. Improve lung function
6. Enhance cognitive performance
7. Reduce cigarette cravings


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