Spinal Movements Sequence (Part 1): Diaphragmatic Breathing

Simon Borg-Olivier. Padmasana in a Clovelly Cliff Storm, by Stuart Fell

Simon Borg-Olivier.Urdhva Hasta Padmasana in a Clovelly Cliff Storm, by Stuart Fell

This video is Part 1 of a YogaSynergy Spinal Movements Sequence taught by physiotherapist and Director of Yoga Synergy, Simon Borg-Olivier, which he teaches in person in courses throughout the world as well as Online in courses at RMIT University  and Online in courses at YogaSynergy called Yoga Fundamentals and Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga.

Video Transcript:
“I’d like to demonstrate a serious of postures and movements which will mobilise my spine, my hips and my shoulders. But it’s not just the anatomy of my body that I am trying to mobilise, manipulate, strengthen and stretch, I am also working on my physiology. The main thing that is going to make the physiology of this movement and practice work is diaphragmatic breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing is not possible if you constantly engage the muscles that one would normally use to exhale
fully. So instead of tightening the muscles normally one would use to exhale fully, something which people often do in order to protect their spine and commonly called “core stabilisation”, I’ll be using my arms and my legs, movements from my hips and shoulders, to firm my abdomen. Then I will still be able to breathe from my abdomen and make the diaphragmatic breath that will help to nourish and nurture the nervous system, the immune system, the reproductive system and the digestive system. I’ll describe what I am doing as I go along (in the next few video blogs).”

You can see a demonstration of the the entire sequence by clicking HERE

This is a low resolution version of video, higher resolution versions are available in the online courses.

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  1. that was a really informative and helped to consolidate the stuff I learned from Simon at the Byron Spirit Festival, loved the flowing spinal series and will definately be working on that. Maybe add some free dancing at the end like Friday’s class at the fest.
    thanks heaps

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