Robin Merchant

Thank you so much for the time and effort it took to bring this course online. I found this course insightful, well organized, and enjoyable to watch and follow. There was a tremendous amount of clearly articulated information given. Simon is an exceptional instructor! – Robin M

Helen Rust

A lifetime of knowledge and wisdom is contained in this course.  Although I have completed this course, I know I have many happy years ahead going over the practice sequences and re-watching the lectures. Everything a yoga teacher needs to know is in this course. In particular, Bianca and Simon explain so clearly the 6 components that make up meditation; which of these overlap with relaxation; the 12 gates between the conscious and unconscious minds which enable the practice to cross over from being just physical to psychospiritual; the essential knowledge to understand yoga postures, such as the 9 main joint complexes, how to think about muscles by grouping them by function, and how this makes it easy to understand co-activation of opposing muscle groups (bandha) to keep joints safe. I have used this course as the main source material for my RYT500 diploma, and it has made it so easy to write good essays. Best of all, Bianca and Simon’s course enables ordinary people with no special strength or flexibility to practise this beautiful moving meditation. I am a very happy customer.

Gina Gutschmidt

Thanks so much for the work you do. I benefit tremendously from your teachings and find them unique in the realm of movement and yoga. My life has changed much for the better by applying what I learn from you. And I am looking forward to see what happens if I learn even more.
Appreciation is send your ways. BIG time 🙂

Simona Vacca

Thank you so much for this course, I have been able to implement it easly in my daily practice. I’m looking forward for future courses or maybe someday a retreat 🙂

Valerio Capi

A very detailed course and the simplified sequence very useful for taking the first steps in a relaxed way.

Safaa Serieddine

I cannot describe my feeling totally, but completing this course was a joy and jubilant for me, all people close to me could feel that. I enrolled in this course based on my instinct and intuition, and it was a win. I think this course should be recommended to all teachers and households, it is a splendid and joyous course, there are many new things to learn not mentioned before, and a great recap for the anatomy course and deepens the information with more explanation. It enables you not only to practice more safely but even to fix all the pain that may cause by the practice or daily life, as well as helping the people around you. All of the course was interesting and beneficial with Simon, however, I also loved the 12th week with Bianca, it was an important recap summarising the information from the training program that related to the therapy course. I highly recommend this course!

Valerio Capi

Great Course with a lot of practical classes and clear visually instructions Thank you so much

Madeleine Heath

Fabulous course throughly enjoyed it!

Maike Bartels

Thanks again for this fantastic and literally life-changing course! The Yoga Synergy method is absolutely unique and unparalleled in the vast yoga world. I have been to so many different yoga classes and also attended teacher trainings with other institutions, but before I found Yoga Synergy I’d never had the feeling that I really understood what I’m doing (and why). I’m sure that my journey with Yoga Synergy doesn’t end here and I’m looking forward to doing more online training and to hopefully meeting Bianca and Simon in person one day.

Hikaru Ikeda

Before doing the Yoga Synergy Online Teacher Training I had attended classes with Yoga Synergy certified teachers (Kanefumi Niimura and Naoto Nakamura) and I was really impressed with their yoga lessons. That experience motivated me to learn from Bianca and Simon. The Yoga Synergy TT course is very deep and very broad.  It was fun learning new, unique ideas and tips based on solid experience and knowledge. These are now part of my yoga practice moving forward. I am glad to have joined online TT course and I look forward to continue learning from Bianca and Simon.

Carol-Anne O’Kane

Yoga Synergy revoluntionized how I view my yoga practice. As someone who regularly encountered physical, emotional and spiritual pain during my yoga journey, I believe these experiences guided me towards facilitators who stress the importance of safety and ease. I found Bianca and Simon’s delivery so clearly stated, safety focused and easy to understand. They also made the idea of safety in the practice itself so engaging that I am re-filled with a fresh paradigm to applying the postures to the Beginners Mind. Although the online format can never live up to experiencing this in real life, the online portal had a lot of information in an easy to use format (once you get used to where everything is). So, thank you for re-aligning my entire concept of modern yoga. It feels like the relief after someone has clicked my spine back into place after being disjointed for so long.

Safaa Serieddine

Even though this course was titled teacher training course, it is not only for teachers. I recommend this course for any person who would like to improve their health and life and increase the happiness and acceptance level in everyday living. I love learning here with Bianca and Simon together, each of their styles has a unique quality for practicing at different times. While Bianca is a school of discipline, firmness, rules, organisation generosity, and kindness in teaching and practicing, Simon is a philosophy of happiness and health bound to science and simplicity in fluid movement. I love learning and improving my life in a safe way that has it’s roots in science.  This scientific base is what made me stick with  learning and practicing with Yoga Synergy since 2019. I have finished my first year and will continue my journey here.

Lidia Pavlovich

I am a lucky and a happy person, because I have found this fabulous Synergy yoga school. The interesting thing is that I wanted to learn from Bianca and Simon many years ago, but I had no opportunity, as I live very far from Australia. The pandemic is a bad thing but it changed the communication around the world. So now it is possible to study on the Internet. The online teacher training course is my choice. From the beginning I was very interested in the Synergy Method, but when I started my course I found it absolutely perfect. The style of teaching I like to copy. The atmosphere is so encouraging. I feel like a part of community. And I thank my teachers very very much. Bianca helps me even with my difficulties with the translation from English. I admire their work for organization and making the stuff. The Internet resources, the schedule of online live conferences are very nice. The amount of knowledge is so huge and it is a pleasure for those who likes to learn. The method by itself is unique, the best I’ve tried. And the researches that Bianca and Simon made are great. Thank you for sharing your great experience! I highly recommend Synergy yoga teacher training course.

Milica Mazinjanin

This teacher training is unique opportunity to learn from two different approaches both extremely valuable. It changed, so deeply and profoundly, the way I practice, as well as the way I teach. I got answers to long-sought questions and new conversations have started. Definitely most complete education with lots of support from Bianca and Simon throughout whole process. Can’t recommend it enough.

Carol-Anne O’Kane

Yoga Synergy revoluntionized how I view my yoga practice. As someone who regularly encountered physical, emotional and spiritual pain during my yoga journey, I believe these experiences guided me towards facilitators who stress the importance of safety and ease. I found Bianca and Simon’s delivery so clearly stated, safety focused and easy to understand. They also made the idea of safety in the practice itself so engaging that I am re-filled with a fresh paradigm to applying the postures to the Beginners Mind. Although the online format can never live up to experiencing this in real life, the online portal had a lot of information in an easy to use format (once you get used to where everything is). So, thank you for re-aligning my entire concept of modern yoga. It feels like the relief after someone has clicked my spine back into place after being disjointed for so long.

Sheila Annis

Training with Yoga synergy has been the best thing thats happened to my body, mind, soul since I first started practicing yoga many years ago. I have learned how to be kinder to myself, my sore, stiff hips have slowly started to release and open. Indeed I feel a greater sense of well being. So grateful for this practice. Thank you

Nicoline Breedt

Such a great course! Very informative and engaging. I love the way how Simon invites students to participate whenever he explains something in order to put his words into action. It was truly a joyful learning experience. Simon offers effective delivery methods for each problem or case study and teaches all therapists and teachers to remain humble and positive. I am overall satisfied with the course and would highly recommend it!

Beverley Kempel

I got so much out of doing this course. Simon goes into so much detail and his explanations are consistent and logical throughout the course. As I progressed I found a deeper level of understanding with each of the asanas.Simon is extremely thorough and there was always an emphasis practicing safely.I think it is well worth doing for practitioners at all levels. I also think there would be a benefit in re-visiting the course in time as a refresher.The other benefit for me was an understanding now of how many of these cues are applied in the general Yoga Synergy classes.

Jake Graham

Excellent course, easy to follow and very fun. I found this very easy but super benefitting and it gave me a safe accessible way to practice breath work. I look forward to doing more of your courses.

Pippa Matthews

Having completed the YS Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, this course consolidated my learnings of the bundhas by taking a close look at their application in each posture. I now feel more confident to teach the bundhas more comprehensively in the postures. Thanks once again Simon for your tireless efforts with teaching YS and ensuring it has an international reach. Your passion for yoga, and the YS method continues to inspire me. I feel immensely fortunate and blessed to have been introduced to YS classes in Newtown all those years ago:) !! Namaste, Pippa

Patricia Smith

I’m, as always, so impressed with Simon’s and Bianca’s knowledge. But not only that, also the way it is structured and presented to the students. Real learning is happening, fantastic structure to the course, even after being a Yoga teacher since a few years I have learnt so much. I call it safe and intelligent Yoga for the modern body. Love it and can’t get enough of Yoga Synergy’s courses! Thank you so much!

Ana Bem Bizjan

I am extremely grateful to have been able to learn from both of you, I am humbled and in joy whenever I practice with the videos on the website, or just follow the movements or tips you put in the emails and social media. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤ Ana Bem Bizjan

Colin Bond

I found them useful in the way I’ve studied Ashtanga with such a rigid methodology, your posture has enabled me to relax more, they have open my hip flexors, and it’s given me more tools on how to approach posture

Ruth Long

This book should really be on every yoga teachers shelf!!

Nga Tran

“I did two teacher training courses with Simon and Bianca in 2015 and 2017, followed by a 10 day intensive Yoga therapy workshop in Sydney. These training courses both in person and online are one of the best training I’ve done which have shaped my personal practice and teaching today. Simon and Bianca’s knowledge, support, and generosity are profound and I couldn’t recommend Yoga Synergy enough to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher or to deepen their teaching and practice.”

Andrea Olivetti

Simply awesome and highly recommended! The most complete teacher training program with lot of materials and insights about every aspect of yoga practice, from anatomy and physiology to history and philosophy. Bianca and Simon are very wise, empathetic and trustworthy, I feel honored to study with them.

Patricia Smith

I cannot rate Yoga Synergy and Simon and Bianca highly enough! They teach a style that is accessible and safe for everyone, have a way of teaching and engaging with their students that feels personal and caring, even in the online training courses which are the only ones I have done with Yoga Synergy. I can recommend any of their online courses for new, but also for highly experienced Yoga instructors as their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal. Love those guys and feel very grateful learning from both of them. Thank you Namaste

Yoshida Hisako

Both Bianca and Simon are truly amazing respectable teachers and role models for me on the mat as well as daily life. And I’m grateful for having this opportunity to learn Yoga Synergy directly from them. I love Yoga Synergy which changed my life so much that I always wanted to enroll in Teacher Training held in Goa and Bali. However, time and family matters had prevented me from taking part in TT. So, when I found out that new Online Teacher Training was to be held last October, I was thrilled to take this opportunity! OTT has been a wonderful opportunity for me to enjoy learning the Yoga Synergy method and prepare to take a step forward to share the wisdom of Yoga Synergy. It was really helpful for me to learn online. Because of this it’s been easier to manage my spare time effectively. I watched the online lesson videos over and over again to deepen my understanding. I asked questions in the online classes as well as sent emails- sometimes with my photos and videos attached. And the answers I received from both Bianca and Simon were always thorough, easy to understand and very helpful for me. I was impressed with the Yoga Synergy method – especially with the fact that it accommodates every student at the same class – whether you’re a beginner or a high level practitioner. I learned that a so called ‘simple’ pose is as important and worthwhile as a so called ‘complex’ pose as long as you create the feeling inside your body and mind. I was convinced that Yoga Synergy method is a safe and gentle way to practice yoga while making you strong and flexible both physically and mentally. I learned from Simon that Spinal Movements are not only the safest ways for ordinary people to get the long-term health benefits of yoga but also have so many layers and benefits for high level practitioners as well. They can even be applied to pranayama (breath control), too. One of the most impressive experiences was a tutorial session with Bianca. Each of us demonstrated a short sequence in a zoom online class and the advice I received from her was really helpful for me. I believe that was the turning point when my mindset changed from just a student who loves Yoga Synergy to a teacher candidate who wants to share the wisdom of Yoga Synergy. Before I knew it, I came to think that I would like to share the teachings of Yoga Synergy when the time comes. Lastly I would like to thank Jennifer who demonstrated with her side towards us so that we could understand the movements easily and Lorenzo and Amalia who played the role of students for us to learn how to adjust the postures of our ‘future’ students !”

Anastasiia Kostina

This course is totally amazing! Simon have shared a lot of invaluable information regarding to the scope of this course. All lectures are done in professional, structured and convincing form. My expectations about this course are even exceeded! Final demonstration of an asanas in yoga Synergy style reaffirms my belief that Simon is a great Yoga teacher and practitioner.

Judy Damas

I had been practicing using the Yoga Synergy Method for about 10 years before deciding to attend a teacher training course. I had also done all the Yoga Synergy courses and a number of workshops. The teacher training course was intensive and educational, it combined old Synergy with its focus on asanas with ever evolving Synergy’s focus on spinal movements. The depth and knowledge of yoga by these physiotherapist/yoga masters is unmatched. I learned so much that I attended another teacher training the following year. In fact, I have decided to routinely return to training and I recommend to anyone looking for an integrative, deeper understanding of yoga.

Sadeep Pringh

It has been a very good learning experience with the course and excellent teaching style.

Alberto Guerrieri

The Online TTC is simply amazing. It took me one year to complete and absorb the material. Studying with Bianca and Simon is an incredible opportunity, the experience and knowledge they share through the 3 registered courses (Advanced Yoga Fundamentals, Anatomy&Physiology, 84 Postures) was more than expected from an Online course, but there’s much more!! With the live classes you can clarify and deepen the amazing concepts they teach, I’ve found simply beautiful that you can create a real relationship with both teachers. I’ve learned a lot from the other students’ questions and the sincere and free of judgment interaction it has been created through the year. Simon and Bianca’s different approach to practice is like having attended two TTC at the price of one, they both share the same principles but with different interpretations, which leads you to become a super teacher at the end of the course. I feel I’ve gained so much knowledge that gave me a solid foundation to deal with any kind of body and practitioners of different level of experience. Having found Yoga Synergy and decided to trust Simon and Bianca changed me in a better person, student and yoga teacher. I am forever thankful to these amazing people!! Namaste https://www.instagram.com/AYOGA.IT/

Karen Van B

Ever since I was introduced to the yoga synergy method by my teacher, I was keen on taking a ytt with Bianca and Simon but wasn’t able to travel and carve out a whole month away from my family. Probably one of the only positive consequences of the pandemic is that Yoga Synergy became an online training. I am enjoying the practices enormously and my body hasn’t experienced any pain or discomfort since I started practicing Yoga Synergy on a daily basis. I did become stronger and have more range of motion at the same time. The live calls with Bianca and Simon have been very valuable and the anatomy is so extensive that I feel way more confident in teaching anatomy during my classes than before. I would recommend this training to anyone who is interested in deepening their practice or who wants to understand how you can teach yoga to everyone in a sensible manner.

Melissa Tattam

Simon is very detailed in his explanations of the postures. Very knowledgeable. Enjoying the course and new poses, learning at my own pace.

Emily Paterson

Loved the course!

Simon Peverelle

I completed the 2020-2021 online teacher training course. The entire course took me an entire year to complete. The online courses (yoga fundamentals, yoga anatomy and asana) are worthwhile studying together as they compliment each other well. The material provided is thorough and in depth, and the video presentations are interesting and simple to follow. I think my favorite part of the course was the series of zoom lessons with Bianca and Simon. They are inspiring and welcoming teachers. No doubt the lessons would be far better in the flesh, but if you are unable to travel or leave home then this online course is a great option. The most important thing about the yoga synergy style of yoga is that it is accessible to many people because it encourages safe ways of performing postures. It encourages movements throughout the spine which has been tremendously advantageous in my own yoga practice. My students say they feel the difference in their practice too.

Ngaio Richards

Though I am still (proudly) at intermediate level even after all this time I still get so much out of it as though it had been designed for me personally to use during all the ups and downs these years. I remember Simon saying in class many years ago that the Ether Sequence is one which is particularly useful as one ages mostly because of the way it works the legs – don’t quote me, it was something along those lines. Perhaps to him at the time it was an off-hand statement but I always remember him saying this and had no idea at the time how right he was! The Ether Sequence seems to glue me back together again in all the right ways & places. I am actually stronger now than I was in my years at Yoga Synergy (more than 20years have passed since) and I hold the Ether Sequence mostly accountable.

Diana Denke

Milos Kascak

I want to thank you very very much for the AYF Course! This was definitely one the best projects I have ever undertaken! The Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Course together with your Applied Anatomy book provide everyone with the basic applied knowledge of how to use own body in the proper way. Especially thanks to your yoga I managed to get the rush, that had caused me all injuries, under control. Based on my past life I would suggest to implement such course into the basic PT education of pre or early adolescent youth to prevent unnecessary physical complications in the later life. I am especially very positively surprised about how much Hatha Yoga, at least the one you teach, about breathing and focusing on the navel is. Had I known and met this before around 2005, I would have started my spiritual quests with Hatha Yoga.

Marc C.

“Truly enjoyed the workshop Simon took us on an intimate journey re-connecting with our spine through movement” Synergy Fundamentals Principles and Standing Sequence Workshop with Simon Borg-Olivier

Kylie Thayer

I’ve loved every bit of the course and feel very blessed to have learnt from such amazing teachers. Bianca & Simon gave so much encouragement at all stages. I also very much appreciate all the hard work to make online training possible in these crazy times. Online Teacher Training Info here.

Tian Sheng

Bianca and Simon are great teachers.The synergy style is gentle and very accessible to all bodies.The online training has its advantages of being time flexible and accessible for people all over the world, however it is merely an eye opener and to get the full benefit of the training I think an in person training is still the best option. I have learnt so much from the course and would highly recommend anyone interested in yoga to spend time to learn what Simon and Bianca has to offer.truly grateful for their teachings. My yoga practice will never be the same again – in a good way! I have learnt so much, and am truly grateful for this teacher training because it gave me the tools to not only be able to safely teach others but to improve my own practice. I find the synergy style very intelligent, and not just based on appearance, but on logical and scientific interpretation of traditional teachings. I now incorporate the synergy movements into my own daily practice, and have noticed the difference in my body, as I become warmer, more active, and more connected just by doing simple-looking movements. I learnt simple doesn’t mean easy, and simple can be extremely effective, and have the same benefit as complex movements. I also learnt that a pose may look simple, but there is so much going on inside, properly engaging the right muscles and knowing the purpose of the pose is more important than copying the physical form. I realised the value of building a solid foundation, in learning key areas to focus on, and taking these same principles into all postures. The assignments have been very cleverly designed to make sure I dig deeper into the resources to have a better understanding. I really enjoyed doing them! Overall I am so glad I did the course, and learnt more than I expected. I hope I can teach at Yoga Synergy one day and share my love of yoga with others, and spread the knowledge Bianca and Simon have passed onto me through this training.

Safaa Sarieddine

In the beginning I should thank Simon and Yoga Synergy team for launching this glorious course in perfect timing with Coronavirus Crisis and thanking Bianca for her precious advice and recommendations. This is my third course with Yoga Synergy, as always it was a magnificent surprise, it reinforced and deepened all the knowledge from last courses beside add jubilant flavor for your yoga practice. I would like to recommend this course not only for individual people but for families and kids, especially nowadays with this new lifestyle after the worldwide crisis. This course will purify your body and spirt, will give you satisfaction and happiness, beside experience of excitement in your place without outside move. This course was a great new lifestyle with especially with early morning rise routine, it was a significant leap of transformation in my spirit and body. I wish I can spread Yoga Synergy’s courses world-wide because of their marvellous benefits to gain flexibility, strength and healthy (body and mind) in safe way. Wish all the goodness and prosperity for Bianca, Simon and Yogasynergy team. Safaa Sarieddine

Jenny M

Its been many years since I practiced with Bianca & Simon in person but I always think of the things I learnt from Yoga Synergy when practicing in different environments. I’ve recently purchased the ether video – and am finding it immensely satisfying to re-engage with the Synergy style of practice during lockdown. I’m very grateful for the  the years I spent at Newtown studio which laid a very strong foundation for my physical life.

Jenny (Sydney Newtown student)

Megan Grant

I loved the course. Thank you both. It was very thorough and educational without losing the essence of Yoga. I’m trying to get Fitness Australia to recognise your course for CEC’s as I teach in a Gym. I have had same and new participants for years and they love the style of Synergy Yoga. Thank you again. Namaste

Natacha Martins

Many thanks for everything. This course was really a wish come true! What you do, and how you teach is so flawless that sometimes we can actually believe it’s easy!!! This course is not just “an online” course, but a really in depth one! Hope soon we can all do a “live” one. Learned a lot, felt very supported and hope to continue learning from these wonderful teachers! Natacha

Katherine Peverelle

I completed the 2020-2021 online teacher training course. The entire course took me an entire year to complete. The online courses (yoga fundamentals, yoga anatomy and asana) are worthwhile studying together as they compliment each other well. The material provided is thorough and in depth, and the video presentations are interesting and simple to follow. I think my favorite part of the course was the series of zoom lessons with Bianca and Simon. They are inspiring and welcoming teachers. No doubt the lessons would be far better in the flesh, but if you are unable to travel or leave home then this online course is a great option. The most important thing about the yoga synergy style of yoga is that it is accessible to many people because it encourages safe ways of performing postures. It encourages movements throughout the spine which has been tremendously advantageous in my own yoga practice. My students say they feel the difference in their practice too.

Tite Togni

The course is unique in bringing the 2 hatha concepts of ‘ hard’: the ancient traditional yoga philosophy of mind body energy flowing and the modern idea of ‘no pain no gain’ . The clear progressive practices in the course allows anybody interested in fitness, health and mindfulness to access the traditional vinyasa sequences by giving back the traditional ‘ natural’ base line of movement common to all animals: moving from the core , even before breathing. This allows anyone to take control of one’s internal as well as external movements, in a progression towards the most sophisticated yogic practice of moving energy in stillness, that is the gem or the elixir especially in our modern world of tension and stress but also in the sports world, aiming at the ‘zone’ .

Safaa Serieddine

I am really happy and content with taking this course, as it is build on scientific understanding for the body and how it works, and appreciate the full guides and explanation from Simon and Bianca through the lectures. I found the Lectures and Practice videos, beside the downloadable material are one whole unite to understand the course, can’t relay on one and leave the other. One advice to whom follow this course is to follow the tutors instructions, beside pay some efforts on studying the course materials. And for sure I am going to continue the second course but after I take some time to review all this course again. Thank you very much

Ross Klavan

I’ve got about 30 years of yoga practice with some excellent instructors both live and on-line, but this course (and the really excellent “84 Postures”) advances things to an entirely new level. Also, you can adapt it to your own body and expertise and it’ll protect you from being injured (and if you got hurt in the past you’ll probably learn why). I don’t know Simon personally–I actually found his site completely by accident–but he brings an approach that feels like “true yoga” with real concern and none of the nonsense, and it’s mixed with a genuine Western knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Great stuff.

Maggie Rooney

Thank you so much. I feel incredibly grateful to have access to this wisdom. Thank you both so much again for your wonderful integrity and dedication. ? Maggie

Penny Caputi

I can not recommend this course highly enough. This course has been a wealth of information. I can now confidently guide my students through their practice, offering modifications for ailments and safely extending them in area’s their body allows. I have learnt how to understand the asana’s on an anatomical & physiological level and am enjoying the journey of embodying the asanas. Through this course I’ve become more confident and relaxed in my role as a teacher of yoga. Which had been a wonderful gift for my students. If your thinking of taking this course, absolutely jump in!!! It’s invaluable. Thank you Simon and Bianca Warm regards Penny

Raphaël Semeteys

Very interesting course which gave me the opportunity to get interested in physiology by applying it to Hatha Yoga. I took the course to know more about the bandhas and this knowledge already changed my own practise. I also understood why Pranayama means breath less air and more Prana. Ans I discovered nerves/meridians tensioning. So many new insights! I am now interested in following the Online Teacher Training and can’t wait for it to start. Thanks a million and best regards,

Hector Omar Ruiz Rivera

It is the best approach to Ashtanga. So simple, effective and not dogmatic!

Molly Reinhart

I am so glad I chose Yoga Synergy to do my Online Teacher Training. There’s so much information packed in I felt like doing every class twice. The Synergy Style is exactly what I needed to form the foundation for a safe lifelong practice. I feel equipped to discern what’s going to feel good for me both immediately and long-term, as well as being able to pinpoint and verbally guide what looks uncomfortable in students who might not recognise it or just think it’s part of yoga. The Spinal Movements Sequence offered here is absolutely incredible. It moves my body in all the right ways and leads me into a beautiful meditative flow. Every time I do it I notice another nuance of how perfectly designed it is. I didn’t have the intention of teaching when I signed up, but now that I see what a unique practice I’ve learned I want everyone to know! The quality of information offered by Simon and Bianca is way beyond worth every penny. My advice to anyone interested is if you’re going to put the time in, you ought to be 100% sure you’re getting the best instruction. Personally, my body and mind say “this is it”.

Karen Schulte

I’ve just completed Asana Biomechanics.  I am using this course to keep my Yoga Alliance certification current. Loved every minute of it and learned so much.  The detail and body awareness were truly useful. Thank you, thank you!

Diana Figueira

I am really enjoying this and study for the first time with Simon and Bianca hope to do more courses online and after pandemic meet them in person!

Aniko Kiss

I’m so grateful to found this course, it gives everything for a solid base to start a careful, detailed, very attentive yoga at home. Gives all the explanation for a good practice, personally it helped me to rebuild myself after a tough chemotheraphy: not just in body, of course. A huge thank you to Bianca, Simon and the Synergy team! I’m so happy to find you!

Joanna Kritter

“This training with Bianca and Simon is very comprehensive. I love the Yoga Synergy approach which integrates precision, fluidity and safety of movement. Bianca and Simon are both kind and great teachers, very generous in sharing their art. I really appreciated the live zoom tutorial sessions. Bianca and Simon were always very keen on taking time to answer our questions so it made the training interactive. The course materials (online learning platform, manuals and videos) are very comprehensive, well structured and professional. I am still at the beginning of integrating the Yoga Synergy method of practicing and it gives a whole new dimension to my yoga practice: I love this journey. I am grateful I chose to learn with Bianca and Simon and highly recommend their training” Namaste, Joanna Kritter

Kyriaki Kyriakidou

I have wanted to join this YSTT since 2016 but time and cost issues were holding me back. In the meantime I completed the online YSA&P and started tuning in my teaching style to the YS one. Once I saw the online YSTT, I immediately enrolled and I am more than happy to have completed this unique for today’s westernised standards method of hatha yoga. I already feel my body more relaxed even while executing sophisticated asanas or vinyasas. Contentment is more proximate to me now both in class and in life. Bianca & Simon are super stars in the sense of welcoming everyone and sharing their love and light indescriminately. Last but not least, I also want to thank Jennifer for her tireless & seemingly effortless assistance in Simon’s classes. I have already changed my teaching style to 100% YS method and my students love it, too, despite the fact that teaching new stuff to new people online is not the easiest thing in the world. I feel that YS is the yoga method of the future times when himsa will have faded out so that our normal state will be that of ahimsa.

Akiko Ueda

Many of the questions I had have been answered. I can now explore my own practice from new aspects. I was a bit skeptical about yoga before, but this course has blown off the skepticism. I really enjoyed the course, and would like to keep learning yoga. Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga Online Course Student

Diana Figueira

I am really enjoying this and study for the first time with Simon and Bianca hope to do more courses online and after pandemic meet them in person!

Vidya Venkateswaran

The very best yoga training ever. Don’t think twice about it!! It’s clear, concise, anatomy and physiology based. You get such a grounding foundation to build on.

Thalia Perry

Thank YOU Yoga Synergy for all these wonderful offerings. Now in my 8th month without a salary since the beginning of the corona virus in Europe (other than some classes on line here and there) I must express my gratitude for all that you offer so freely. I am extremely grateful. I love your work! I learn so much. Thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top of it too!)

Judy Damas

I discovered Yoga Synergy and Simon while searching for a cure for sciatica developed from general yoga classes. I was hesitant to use yoga to cure something which yoga had caused, however, once I listened and watched Simon I realised he was different. He actually seemed to know what he was saying. I purchased his beginner DVDs and did them consistently almost daily for years. In the meantime the sciatica disappeared within a few months of practicing this yoga. Needless to say I am now committed to this method and have over a period of 14 years bought and studied and even attended teacher training courses produced and conducted by Yoga Synergy . With all that, it’s easy to become complacent with your knowledge so I hesitated to buy the new Ashtanga Course. But I did and have not regretted it. The detailed instruction and demonstrations have concretised some difficult areas I had within my practice for example, having the model lift her collar bone fully demonstrates the lengthening of both the front and back of the spine. It’s a wonderful resource and one that I will be using often. Thank you again Yoga Synergy and Simon for a real outstanding product!

Pia Trickett

This teacher training has been absolutely fantastic. Beyond the wealth of knowledge, which I feel honoured to have had access to, both Bianca and Simon have been truly wonderful supports and communicators. The zoom sessions have been a joy to go through and I hang off every word! It has, however, been a little bit isolating feeling like I’m ‘falling behind’ because of the number of hours I have not been able to find in a week to complete the zoom sessions, however, I do not think this is a fault of the course! That one is on me, I would never suggest that less material is better. Another slightly isolating component is that, because I am more of a timid person, I haven’t taken the initiative to either speak up during a zoom session nor email in any questions. I don’t feel like I am missing out on any valuable material because of this, however, it has left me with a slight sense of disconnection. Not inherently a problem considering that I signed up knowing it would all be online, but potentially could be rectified by having a session or two where group participation is required? Whether that be a video intro session/group Q&A where everyone is expected to share? Maybe this is the plan for the future tutorial layout I’m not sure. I just wonder whether if participation had been more formally structured would I have felt a bit more accountability and also connection? In saying this, I also recognise that I could have sent in questions and spoken up at anytime. Bianca and Simon have been nothing but open and approachable. So maybe a part of me has liked having the option of anonymity. I’m not sure. What I do know is that for the more shy students maybe a slightly obligatory push to speak up could be of some value? Otherwise this course, and especially the zoom sessions have been bloody fantastic, wowowowow. My life has changed because of the knowledge I’ve gained. I feel energy and love during my practice! AND I’ve realised that I’m more than just limbs, I have a spine! 😮 Mind blowing the fact that never before during a yoga practice had I even thought about bringing attention to this part of my body. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Bianca, Simon and all those connected to the teachings you have shared, thank you. You have guided me towards experiencing joy, lightness and strength. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste

Simila Laiatici

It is a very complete course with enough material to learn and explore over a few years. One year is just the beginning of understanding. I was already yoga teacher 500 hr but I decided to do YSTT because of the Physiotherapist view, the physio-movement, the modern way to see yoga and the experience level of the teachers. I have personally met Simon once, and I follow almost every Bianca and Simon zoom. Miss that! Both very professional and also very kind yogis in the deep. I found much more than what I was expecting. Thanks

Vartika Agarwalla

With an experience of 5 years of teaching yoga in India, I can confidently say, the teacher training course with Bianca and Simon is an extensive learning of everything that has even remotely to do with yoga. The online version being extended over a year gives one more than enough time to learn, understand and live the subject. I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to study under gurus who are true yogis in this day and age. Thank you for your love and support!

Suzana Rožmanec

Your online course is outstanding! I am happy to go through each chapter several times because so much useful information is given and you are truly a real treasure trove of practical knowledge. Thank you for your work.(Asana Biomechanics 84 Postures)

Phillipa Matthews

The course was fabulous, helping me to consolidate further my understanding and application of the bundhas in a wider variety of postures.

Beatriz Maizel

“It is so important to my health to have this practice in my life”

Kylie Thayer

If you want to become a yoga teacher, or even just wish to enhance your practice and improve the safety element of it, then I highly recommend taking the opportunity to grab this learning experience with both hands. I am still in the process of completing the online course components, but completed the live Zoom class component with Bianca and Simon earlier this year. We were taught what I think is a fairly traditional style of yoga teaching but with the modern aspects that come with many years of training, teaching and study (both are qualified physiotherapists), bringing the Western science aspect into it. Most of the students doing the Zoom classes with me were actually already teaching yoga but were there to unlearn the not so safe parts and replace them with much safer options. Each week there were stories of the difference it had been making to their teaching, with much positive feedback from their students. I have never taught a class so it was very interesting listening to the difference it was making to the practice of well established yoga teachers. Bianca and Simon are just lovely, extremely approachable, quick to assist in any way necessary, and brilliant at breaking things down into smaller steps. They are extremely generous with their knowledge, experience and time. The class was made up of a global mix of students and as such they also tried to accomodate the many time zones (a ridiculously difficult undertaking I suspect). The one positive thing to come out of this whole COVID thing has been the ability to undertake this training from home, rather than take a month out of my life to travel and train. I am truly grateful.

Pin Lun – Guo

I am very grateful to Simon Borg-Olivier for his teaching. This course has benefited me a lot. It has deepened my use of anatomy, BANDHA and movements, and allowed me to practice in a safer and more efficient way.

Sheila Annis

Studying yoga with Bianca and Simon is such an enriching experience. Their vast knowledge is woven with generous loving kindness, so one feels held in a web of support to move forward with teaching and self practice.

Melissa Hurt

Bianca and Simon give comprehensive lessons on their unique approaches to the study and practice of Yoga Synergy-style yoga. It is fabulous to learn about their approaches and their pedagogical methodology! I love them both dearly!

Judy Qin

I just went through all the yoga fundamentals classes. Your course is so brilliant and I am looking forward to continuing to learn from you.

Natacha Martins

I am enjoying this course so much… Although it was motivated by covid… This online was a blessing because I cannot still go to Italy or Bali to do it because of my young daughter! So… To me it feels like an amazing blessing!

Mike Tetelman

A wonderful course. I learned a lot of important insights about breathing, moving from one’s core, blood circulation, optimal pacing for exercise, staying firm and yet relaxed in poses and exercise, alignment and movement of muscles and joints, and more. All explained in a clear, concise, engaging way. Thank you!

Aniko Kiss

I just finished an online course with you. Your course were more than just a plus knowledge to me: I started it when I did the chemotheraphy, followed by the radiotheraphy and so on. It helped me to get back to the life, to find the most important things, to love the life deeper than ever. I can not say enough thank you to you all!

Francis Ong

I trust Simon Borg-Olivier and his method. Simon is a physiotherapist, a very senior (30 years Iyengar,/ Shadow Yoga), and lectures at a leading Sydney university. He teaches a style of yoga that is very accessible to all people and is informed by advanced concepts of physiotherapy practice. Some of the extra course materials have been delivered online in the last few years and this online content is massive, this includes anatomy course and advanced yoga fundamentals. Both these course are enough to learn over a few weeks each. I have obviously done a few of his courses over the years in person and have no doubt the online course will be he best you can do. Check out yoga synergy’s sample content to see for yourself.

Marina Bordet

I really enjoyed that course, practicing it made huge improvement in my back blood flow, and mobility. My students also enjoy it.

Marina Bordet

Very complete course ! Simon makes the explanations of the asanas crystal clear, and I understood how important the kidneys area is, stiff in most people, including me, and how important it is to properly work on it. Some asanas are so misunderstood by majority of yoga teachers, I hope that more and more yoga teachers will do this course, to understand the biomechanics of the asanas. Deeply recommended for fitness trainers also, Squats and push-up explanations are gold.

Craig Rawlings

Thanks Bianca and Simon for such a comprehensive and enjoyable course.I definitely have been able to take to the mat what I have learnt! I highly recommend to anyone wanting to enhance their own practice.

Lucas Bigwood

I can’t thank you enough for this course. It was way more detailed and thorough than I thought it would be, but it was just perfect for me and what I was after. Simon’s approach and knowledge came through in all lectures and the supporting materials were fantastic. I was already a qualified yoga teacher but felt I had a gap in my deep knowledge of anatomy – and this course definitely filled that. I learnt so much more about the body but also the bandhas and co-activations around joint complexes that have helped me immensely already in my own practice. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting expand their knowledge of Yoga, not just anatomy. The information in here covers everything needed to embody a full Yogic lifestyle. Extreme gratitude to Simon and Bianca for offering this, and I can’t wait to extend my practice with you in-person one day with a 200 hour teacher training overseas somewhere warm :).. thanks again to you both. Lucas

Jess Ossington

I choose to complete my 200hr yoga teacher training with Yoga Synergy because they teach a safe, effective practice that is rooted in yogic tradition and guided by the knowledge of modern physiotherapy. The teacher training course is incredibly comprehensive in terms of both practical skills and theory. Completing the training in Goa, India with Simon Borg-Olivier was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life thus far. Simon truly is a master, and to learn from him is a joy and a privilege. I’m so grateful to Bianca and Simon for developing a practice that has had such a positive impact on my health, and I’m excited to share this knowledge as a yoga instructor.

Javi Pardo

I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and teaching the past 10 but discovering Simon and Bianca style it’s been really refreshing and inspiring. I m really connected now with the synergy method, in my practice and also in my teachings, and I would love to go deepest in this journey. Thank you very much for all the work you re doing to share this teachings. 

Patricia Smith

I’m, as always, so impressed with Simon’s and Bianca’s knowledge. But not only that, also the way it is structured and presented to the students. Real learning is happening, fantastic structure to the course, even after being a Yoga teacher since a few years I have learnt so much. I call it safe and intelligent Yoga for the modern body. Love it and can’t get enough of Yoga Synergy’s courses! Thank you so much!

Helena Meirmans

The Spinal Synergy course was wonderful. Thank you for the guidance and deeper understanding on better ways to move the spine in yoga. I have been teaching this to my students as I’ve been going along and they have found it extremely beneficial. As a yoga teacher of some years I have found that this practice has also enhanced my own yoga practice.

Julian Boswell

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course. The online learning made it easy for me to take my time with it. I was able to digest the information at my own pace, explore the different cues on my mat, and apply it to my practice. Human anatomy is a vast and potentially intimidating subject. However, approaching it in a practical way through familiar asana’s, allowed for new information to be synthesised more easily. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in Yoga Asana and how to move the body in a safe way.

Vitor W Rosenfeld

I had no difficulty to follow the sequence I was able to follow all the intervals I had more difficulty in the last retention. Well now, what I have to do ? Maintain each fase 15 seconds each one ? Try to increase the intervals ?

Tite Togni

As an athlete this Pranayama course (as well as the same practice during the TT in Goa and Bali) is like strength training for the respiratory system , like getting the breathing system to a good gym and do weight lifting , gradually , sustainable and therefore functional. Also, I adopted it as altitude training before a run race in the Himalayas and the results were better than doing actual altitude adaptation! Real strength is also mobility and this course allows you to train both : strength in slowing down and holding , as well as flexibility, mobility of the diaphragm and the 12 bridges, allowing to move in strength without tensing. Plus it’s easy progression to remember and therefore sustainable for daily practice.

Anh Nguyet Le

thanks for detailed course with clear instruction, and the videos are also very clear.

Jo Curtis

Thorough and interesting. I enjoyed the lectures very much and will take a lot of the information into my practice and classes. Thank you very much YogaSynergy!!

Ana-Maria Constantin

One of the most complete and well explained yoga courses I’ve attended. I’m so grateful for all the information offered. I learned in one course more than I learned in two teacher training done before. I could not recommend this course well enough.

Giorgia Cisorio

I loved this course! Each pose is meticulously explained from foot to head focusing on the use of bandhas, mudras and stretch reflexes. This course provided me with a great understanding of how to practice each pose in a efficient way in order to improve the blood circulation thru my body and consequently improve my strength and flexibility but most importantly my health in a safe and sustainable way. The Asana Biomechanics 84 posture is a great course for everyone who want to enhance their own practice and yoga teachers. Thank you Simon and Bianca for sharing all this valuable knowledge.

Dovile Surpyte

This is a very thorough and in-depth course, joining both Western and Eastern sciences. The knowledge and experience of the teachers is nearly unparalleled. Highly recommended for yoga practitioners, especially those that are teaching.

Anastasiia Kostina

I am so excited to attend this course. It’s my second course with YogaSynergy. The first one was Yoga fundamentals. My expectations about this course are fairy exceeded! A lot of new knowledges! I understand now that applied anatomy is not the same thing as a plane anatomy. In addition, the part related with daos yoga and its correlation with an Indian yoga was so interesting and gave me a good impulse to study another ‘firm but calm’ styles (calligraphy yoga in particular). My sincerely thanks to Simon and Bianca!!!

Laurel Schut

Thank you so much for putting together such a detailed textbook and series of videos! It should be required training for all yoga instructors. It was a pleasure to learn from you. Well wishes from Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Alina Cvetkova

I loved this course. I gained so much knowledge about treating people coming to yoga with injuries, and at the same time got a lot of tips on better posture alignment, breathing, movement. Simon Borg is a natural-born teacher, who can explain anything in an accessible way.

Beverley Kampel

I got so much out of doing this course. Simon goes into so much detail and his explanations are consistent and logical throughout the course. As I progressed I found a deeper level of understanding with each of the asanas. Simon is extremely thorough and there was always an emphasis practicing safely. I think it is well worth doing for practitioners at all levels. I also think there would be a benefit in re-visiting the course in time as a refresher. The other benefit for me was an understanding now of how many of these cues are applied in the general Yoga Synergy classes.

Kimberly Chu

HI there, i am so grateful that i have done this course.

Anine Shama

I learned so much during the yoga fundamental course. It opened up new ways of thinking, practising and understanding of yoga. It was super!

Erin Armendariz

Yoga Synergy’s Advanced Yoga Fundamentals effectively presents the who, what, where, when, why and how of Yoga. Through reading the course material, participating in the lectures, and putting it all into practice I have learned: WHO can safely perform a pose (with modifications, precautions, and contraindications) WHAT each pose entails including internal actions usually undetected visually WHERE to focus activity in the body to reach the desired outcome of the pose WHEN a pose is best performed in the sequence/when the body is ready for more challenge WHY the pose affects movement of energy and information in the body’s deep pathways HOW the body can achieve the greatest benefit from each pose through tips and mindsets Advanced Yoga Fundamentals empowered me to experience the life-giving results physical yoga offers, including energy and wellness from various forms of physical movement. My body benefited from the course and is better prepared to share what I received.

Stacey Tipton

I enjoyed the course. I feel it was built well. (Breathe)

Katerina Korsun

The course of Anatomy and Physiology was just tremendously helpful. Over the time of my yoga practice I had many questions and to my surprise and joy I found many answers in the course. I can’t express the happy feeling when a guess suddenly has an explanation and confirmation, and a little hint (and there were plenty) promotes you to a new level. If I had that knowledge before, I would have had less injuries. Thank you, Simon and Bianca, for developing a great course.

Tricia Hughey

I really enjoyed the course! I have been teaching yoga and movement fr 18 years and found so much information I had never heard before. tHe program offered unique and different insights on commonly taught postures. I took about 10 pages of notes LOL I do write on the large side-but still 🙂 MY least favorite part were the longer practices. The moves were way to unfamiliar to move through the flow on your own without someone watching and correcting you visually. It was especially challenging when there was no guided or led instruction, just mouth clicks. I found it much more helpful and rewarding with Simon’s cueing. I wish there were a way to refer back to this. My only complaint is that if I wanted to review something, I would have to rent the whole program again. I would definitely try out another of your programs. I was already strolling through the offerings! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with the world!

Amie Raz

I really enjoyed studying online. It was the perfect time to dive into a study routine while being in lockdown. I feel like I have gain invaluable knowledge and am going to continue studying and exploring all the other online classes. Thank you for everything that you offer, it really is brilliant.

Nat Cut

The online classes presented by Bianca and Simon are fantastic! So lucky to get such top-shelf yoga practice for $30/month. Thank you ???

Jinan Ette

I don’t know what I’d do without my classes with Bianca. That woman is an absolute star I don’t know what her secret sauce is, but please never stop x

Nicole Mantelli

Thank you so much for the online classes. I started practicing again in the beautiful way I was used to when in Sydney. I have a 13 months old daughter and practicing yoga from Synergy classes is help…

Kelly Berzack (South Africa)

As a beginner (only 2 years into practicing) and feel as though practicing yoga has truly changed my life, I am so very happy that I did this online course now. Gave incredible insight into correct posture and asana. I feel like I have a much better understanding and look forward to continually improving while at the same time fully accepting where I am now. I’m sure I will be using the videos regularly to keep being reminded and learn more as I go. Thank you and Namaste

Michal Ginter

Thanks for a fantastic course, Simon! I’ve been learning a tremendous amount from you. After some 6 years of Ashtanga vinyasa, I listened to a couple of interviews with you, and your approach resonated with me. My teacher introduced me to your fundamentals. I bought the videos of the fundamentals series a year ago, and have been practicing them on alternating weeks with Ashtanga Vinyasa 1st and 2nd series. I felt comfortable that I understood the basic principles but found some of the detailed instructions a bit too fast to follow or remember to do on my own. I feel that the Asana Biomechanics 84 postures course anchored the Fundamental Series in a broader context, and gave me a better understanding of the nuances of Yoga Synergy. I will go over the downloaded videos a few more times over the next few months, and then see which of your other courses might be a suitable next step. Thanks again!

Safaa Serieddine

Well it was another exciting incredible course with Yoga Synergy, it was great how all the component of the course completing each other, how the lectures of Simon made the book very easy to understand, while it not very complicated but not easy to study or understand alone( while I am self learning person). Beside the wonderful supplementary practice videos. After finishing it I feel my brain glowing with these new important information, with this course beside Advanced Yoga Fundamentals course, give me the possibility to trust my home practicing SAFELY, with helping people around me to practice and learn practicing safely in addition to be able to find self treatment and heal far of medicines and doctors for me, my family and friends. Absolutely,I recommended this course not only for yoga practitioners, but for any person care about his health and people around him and I recommend Yoga Synergy particularly for anything in this field. BECAUSE it is very convincing depending on scientific reasonable data. Thank you very much I appreciate all your efforts.

Pippa Matthews

Having completed the YS Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, this course consolidated my learnings of the bundhas by taking a close look at their application in each posture. I now feel more confident to teach the bundhas more comprehensively in the postures. Thanks once again Simon for your tireless efforts with teaching YS and ensuring it has an international reach. Your passion for yoga, and the YS method continues to inspire me. I feel immensely fortunate and blessed to have been introduced to YS classes in Newtown all those years ago:) !! Namaste, Pippa

Suellen Berry

After moving to Melbourne over 8 years ago I have struggled to find a yoga practice here that lives up to my high standards after practising at Yoga Synergy. I was always a fan of Bianca’s classes. One of the positives for me to come out of this awful pandemic is that I get to practice in (almost) real time again with the online classes. It’s rebooted my practice and feels like “home”. I hope that all at Yoga Synergy fare well in this challenging environment and, when we come out the other side, hope that the online classes can continue. Count me in and thank you!

Philippa Kane

“For me, being able to do Bianca’s classes on line and also watch Simon’s instruction is one of the best things to have come out of this whole pandemic!”


After 18 years of consistent asana practice, with no little or no medical or anatomical background, I now feel like I’ve been fumbling around in the dark. BUT, when I discovered the online availability of Simon and Bianca’s work, every single aspect of my practice found a stronger foundation; the physical (I’m safer), the philosophical (so much more of the mysterious Sanskrit makes sense) and the meditative (I’m calmer and more focussed). It is truly summed up in their own ‘mission statement’ (Yoga for the modern body). I’d like to extend this review to include all of the download products that I’m enjoying, and not only the therapy course. If you care about not damaging yourself or, if applicable, your students, then you really will not regret investing the time and money into this work. It’s also important that we are supported well when necessary, (in the world of I.T.) and to know that you’re a real student / customer and not just another sale. On that I would add that every time I’ve had reason to contact them, they’ve listened and helped so, these days that’s not too far from being at the feet of your guru I guess. Highly recommend this course, it’s well structured, clear and very well indexed for future reference. If nothing else, Simon’s injury list alone, will help you practice and teach with caution!

Sairam Devalla

This Breathing course is very knowledgeable, experienceable & detailed. This is Gem of all breathing courses, I got deep knowledge with this course, Thank u Guruji.

Bronwen Waters

Thanks for putting your classes online at this time.. it’s been the best thing about lock down here in NZ. I used to go to your classes when I lived in Sydney, so haven’t done Synergy Yoga since 2012 when I was there.. straight into the Water sequence it’s like my body hasn’t forgotten, and it felt like coming home. Looks like I’ve started a home practice! Thanks again.

Marina Bordet

Very complete course! Simon makes the explanations of the asanas crystal clear, and I understood how important the kidneys area is, stiff in most people, including me, and how important it is to properly work on it. Some asanas are so misunderstood by majority of yoga teachers, I hope that more and more yoga teachers will do this course, to understand the biomechanics of the asanas. Deeply recommended for fitness trainers also, Squats and push-up explanations are gold.

Saeko Ginestet

Simon and Bianca, Thank you so very much for your quality program. I feel like I know you since I saw you everyday for the last 7 weeks! I would say that going through the entire course was not easy by any means. You made me reexamine what I thought I knew all over again. Your lectures were clear, kind, and helpful. I so trust your expertise, experiences, and heart-felt devotion to the Way of Yoga. I will definitely return and take more of your fascinating classes you are offering.

Vanessa Hearman

I’ve really loved the online yoga videos that Bianca and Simon have been posting. Four years ago, I moved to Darwin and have never managed to find a yoga studio as safe and welcoming as Yoga Synergy. It’s the thing that I miss most about Sydney! I bought all 5 sequences on Vimeo to keep up my practice here in the tropics, but I stopped after a while, as I missed the live classes so much. With these online offerings, I can access Yoga Synergy classes again, even if remotely. The videos are giving me the experience of reconnecting with the awesome folk at Yoga Synergy.
Cheers, keep up the good work, Vannessa

Gülsen Özer

Just did the first welcome class (23/03) with you online. It generated such a beautiful delicious delicate heat in my body – thank you.

John Butler

It all started in 2017 for me after watching a video on YouTube with Simon, see link below: https://youtu.be/q0wfA3GYo58 This inspired me at the age 45 to begin my yoga practice, I saw something in Simons movement that I found impressive, from my past as a martial artist I saw some elements that reminded me of this, intertwined with flowing moves I had never seen before, and I saw in Simon the movement and grace that I aspired to be. From my time is martial arts I had naturally formed my own type of flowing moves from the various arts I had studied but I didn’t have the Yoga Asanas, vinyasa and flexibility that was demonstrated in Simons videos. Soon after I began my journey with some online yoga synergy videos, and then more recently decided to take the Yoga Advanced Fundamentals course. It wasn’t long before I realised that yoga is far more than stretching and fancy moves, and realized that I didn’t need be the most flexible person in the world. I could just happy being who I was and be happy with what I have. Even though I still strive for improvement within myself I do not have to compare myself with anyone else. I initially found studying hard but after the first week I gained momentum and started to enjoy every minute, every bit of reading work and every Asana and sequence, I looked forward to studying every day, it was never a chore. I was quite sad when it came to the end, Simon and Bianca are great teachers and explain things really well. The last few weeks of my course were during the start of the world wide Coronavirus epidemic and I found great comfort in the course at this time as it helped me to focus, stay calm and at times to meditate. I would highly recommend you take this course if you want to deepen your understanding of yoga. I look forward to building on what I have learnt so far, progressing and becoming a better version of myself every day. I also would love to meet Simon and Bianca in real life and take part in a class. 5-star rating from me. John Butler.

Mireia Osborne

I’ve done a couple of workshops with you (Simon) in Doha and Barcelona. Got my 500hrs TT and a few years of practice and volumes of workshops behind me. This is perhaps the most useful workshop I’ve ever done. It is functional and appropriate at any level and the Bandha work throughout the course is invaluable; as much for teaching as for my own practice. It has given me new enthusiasm and light in my practice. Thank you and stay safe.

Olivier Deletroz

The way Simon teaches is pure perfection for my injured body, everything that was taught resonated with my knowledge and I am now able to practice without pain, discomfort or loss of motivation. I am chiropodist (podiatrist) with a good background of functional anatomy and biomechanics, and prior to this I was a landscaper and snowboard teacher – nice jobs but not so healthy for the joints and the back. After a few years of very regular yoga practice I was finding my lower back, wrists and shoulders were actually worse, as the well meaning teachers that I had were only showing the final stages of postures and pushing my body too far.

Safaa Serieddine

I am really happy and content with taking this course, as it is build on scientific understanding for the body and how it works, and appreciate the full guides and explanation from Simon and Bianca through the lectures. I found the Lectures and Practice videos, beside the downloadable material are one whole unite to understand the course, can`t relay on one and leave the other. One advice to whom follow this course is to follow the tutors instructions, beside pay some efforts on studying the course materials. And for sure I am going to continue the second course but after I take some time to review all this course again. Thank you very much

Monika Lenkefi

I still remember the first Yoga Synergy class I walked into in 2006. I had been practicing yoga for 5 years by then, so I had some experience and learnt from a few very skilled, excellent teachers. However, my first class with Simon had a definite WOW factor which lasts even today after 13 years of guru-shisja relationship. He never ceases to amuse me with his one of -a-kind teaching style, his warm, approachable, humble personality. I’m forever indebted to him for sharing his knowledge and wisdom with me. He is the most authentic teacher I have ever met. His wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, sensibility, and sense of humour is unprecedented. Once you’ve had the chance to experience Simon, there is no other place to go. Grateful forever. THANK YOU. (Monika Lenkefi, yoga teacher and director of Izisz Yoga Studio, Hungary)

Tite Togni

As a professional athlete and yoga practitioner for more than 30 years, I’ve experienced how yoga can enhance an athlete’s life, but I struggled to find yoga practices that would boost my energy instead of depleting it. It was only after I had found Simon and Yoga Synergy that I realized yoga can make conditions worse if you practice it in an unsafe and unintelligently manner, which was BKS Iyengar’ s major concern too. After training with Mr Iyengar, I had found Yoga Synergy, the missing link between traditional yoga and the needs of the modern human body. Simon is a biologist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher, and his knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, and his insight about how traditional yoga and modern western physiotherapy can be brought together is so unique and profound that I have retrained with him all over the world. There was a cascade of positive results manifesting in all aspects of my life: in my health, relationships and even in my professional life. Go to a class, a teacher training, or do an online course with Simon, and you will realize what the sages have been saying about yoga as Kaivalya: freedom in presence. (Tite Togni, professional athlete, founder of YogaXRunners, Italy)

Jennifer Young

Thank you for the thorough teachings on physiology and blood flow. Even with 16 years experience in fitness and yoga, I learned so much. Namaste!

John Isaacs

It was very informative and enlightening.

Eila Buziak

Simon is a wealth of knowledge, he is entertaining too.

Alicia Castleman

The content was very similar to the Yoga essentials RMIT course but a great reminder.

Moritz Thilo

The information was interesting,

Vicky Mittermayr

When I first started yoga 2 years ago I suffered from terrible plantars fasciitis because I pronated my feet. Using your “yoga tips” on bringing your heels together slightly when standing … corrected my foot stance and relieved the foot pain. THANKS! Vicky Mittermayr (Canada)    


I felt this Yoga Teacher Training was more rounded than the average one out there. It gave us business knowledge, financial skills and better ways of living so that we had a better chance of surviving in the yoga world. My body felt amazing at the end of this training. My spine had a flexibility I had not known before. This modality is needed in the world. Thank you Yoga Synergy for your contribution to my life and my world. I am a Synergy student for life.


Simon and Bianca are the true Yoga teachers who have a really good understanding about traditional yoga philosophy, as well as a unique understanding about the human body in today’s world – a body that often struggles with traditional physical yoga practice/postures. Synergy is really like a safe bridge between the great traditional yoga and modern bodies. The teachers are really open/free spirits and loving being. Their methods are based on scientific evidence so they wont just tell you to “Feel the connection to the universe” or “Open your heart center” which i used to hear from lots of other teachers and never could believe what they said. I would strongly highly recommend you to learn from them!

Timea M.

Thank you, I truly appreciated the training. The more I learn from Simon, the more I realize how complex is his understanding of the physical, physiological and energetic relationships in yoga. He is not only really, really knowledgeable in yoga and functional anatomy, but an exceptional teacher with infinite passion for passing his wisdom on to students. I was afraid its going to be a lot of repetition and I may get bored. But it was just juicy ,intense and really entertaining, I loved all of it. I have never met someone who was always so ready to explain an explain again and again in different ways until students can get a better understanding. I would definitely recommend this training for even advanced yogis who have been teaching for a long time. Simon has the unique capability to shine a new light on most yoga poses with the spinal transitions.

Sonja de G.

The more I practice your sequences, the more I fall in love with them.

Rachy Van W.

Yoga Synergy teacher training with Simon was more than life changing, but life forming. Everyone who is passionate about movement, yoga and living with freedom in the mind and soul would love this intensive training. I sure did.

Stefan Camilleri

“Bianca and Simon are very quickly becoming my most important teachers, even after only having practised with Simon in person briefly. I’m now completing their online courses and haven’t felt this good in my practice and body in years, it’s such good content I can’t recommend it enough. Can’t wait for Goa!”

Dafna .

Such an amazing training. Completely changed my yoga practice, teaching, and my life.

Robert Van K.

Verity’s class was excellent, highly intelligent technically, and also a pleasure, felt great afterwards. We’ll miss her a lot while she’s on maternity leave, hope to see her back again soon!

Michaela S.

You know you are in safe hands at Yoga Synergy. Directors Bianca and Simon (yoga teachers and physiotherapists) have developed intelligent sequences designed to nurture the body and avoid injury. The classes are also refreshingly focused on helping you create space and connect with the breath – no lectures about life, long winded stories or airy fairy talk. The studio is also beautiful and well located with accessible parking. Highly recommend!

Chiara L.

I’ve started yoga at Synergy, and I’ve always loved the way the classes were structured. The teachers were always very attentive to the student and corrected us when needed. I can’t wait to come back!❤??

Kirsty M.

Simon has without a doubt, an amazing understanding of the body and mind, in all aspects, and has such a beautiful teaching manner. I have taken away with me some invaluable gems of information and advice to apply to my own practice, and to my teaching in the future. It was a very enriching experience for me! I’m so looking forward to attending Simon’s next workshop, I can’t wait! Applied Anatomy and Physiology Interactive Workshop 2019

Kerry D.

I love that Yoga Synergy yoga practices are designed by physiotherapists. I can feel that every part of my body has had the right workout – a good combination of strength and stretching. My mind and body are at peace after every class. Thanks to all the dedicated and wonderful teachers over the past 17 years, and still going.

Calina P.

I love the Saturday morning pregnancy yoga class. Awesome class if you want to feel calm and revitalised.

Ivana J.

I’ll be thinking about the course I just completed (Interactive Applied Anatomy) for a long time. Thanks so for keeping your vision strong for so long! For me – a yogi on & off for decades, and aspiring teacher – Yoga Synergy was only centre I wanted to learn about anatomy and physiology to progress my own practice and inspire others with theirs, I’ve just completed the interactive course over 2 weekends and will be drawing on that for a long time. Simon has genuine and rare wisdom from rich experiences and mentorships, supported by wide study and practice as a physio. I value his perspectives and demonstrations to ensure real understanding. He made extensive content accessible, stimulating, memorable and enjoyable. Bianca’s input into the overall YS teaching resources must also be mentioned – as Simon’s long-term professional equal. I thank them both for keeping their vision strong and their commitment to keeping yoga real.


I started teaching only a few years ago but ’84 Postures’ made me realize how little I know about the methodology of teaching. This course is a must for anyone who wants to be a good, knowledgeable yoga teacher.


This ’84 Postures Course’ is essential for everyone who wants to gain insight into the gist of the most common yoga postures. I started my yoga studies with Ashtanga Yoga ten years ago, and kept on practicing for years without any anatomical knowledge. I ended up with a bulging vertebra and with chronic pain in my lower back. But since I came across the teachings of Simon Borg-Olivier and have done all three of his online courses – including ’84 Postures’ – I have had a sort of epiphany and finally I have much more sense and discernment about my body. Plus ’84 Postures’ not only enhances your knowledge about the most frequently taught asanas, but also helps you how to teach other people safely and effectively.

Branislava M.

And here it is, I did it all. One more educational period with absolutely great, wise and awesome people Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier. I am so grateful that I decided to take all 3 of their online courses, I have learned so much. I guess next thing to do is doing it in person. So, hopefully, next stop Teacher Training. ☺️?

Lauren F.

He’s (Simon Borg-Olivier) one of the last true teachers. He’s a gift to us, and I feel scared about the state of yoga without him.

Charlotte VB.

Simon is the most knowledgeable teacher I have ever met, he teaches in a way that makes learning easy and fun. I loved the first Teacher Training so much I did another training last year. Simon changed my idea of what yoga is and how to teach it and practice. Since doing Yoga Synergy I have been cured of Raynaud’s syndrome after over 20 years of poor peripheral circulation. The most inspiring teacher in the world.

Andrea E.

Eriko’s Yin class is a precious find amongst so many “high energy, active, need to sweat” classes that are offered everywhere, including Yoga Synergy. The benefits of Yin are very much under rated and misunderstood, so it’s great to see there is a Yin workshop finally being offered. Joss’s classes are excellent as well. Her clear instructions and engaging energy make the space welcoming as she achieves perfect harmony with her “Om’s” !! Sounds crazy I know, but she is one of few teachers who can pull this off with her students.

Mitch O.

Forever grateful for the teaching and experience! ?❤️

Agnes P.

(Simon) You are one of the most amazing teachers and humans who I met in my life – your teaching rooted in deep knowledge, dedication and experience, scientifically sound, always safe and very respectful and loving with people. Lots of Love from Hungary

Rafaga B.

Thank you for doing what you do Simon, your video “the most important yoga” changed my life and started me in a new path on life. I just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is reaching people. Thank you, Namaste.

Grahame S.

It’s always great to do a class at Bondi Junction.The atmosphere and instruction is terrific.

Catherine T.

I have been practising yoga at Yoga Synergy for about 24 years and I get very disappointed if I have to miss my weekly lesson for some reason. What I love about this school is that they teach yoga properly, that is they teach so that every person, regardless of their size, shape and age can practise in a way that is fulfilling and safe. Simon and Bianca have put a huge amount of thought into developing their particular program and style of yoga and their background in Physiotherapy means they have a very good understanding of people’s capabilities and also understand injury. I have had several injuries over the years as well as two pregnancies and have always been able to continue with my practice because I have learnt how to practise safely. Yoga has been my major source of exercise now for many years and through it I have been able to maintain strength and flexibility, allowing me to do a number of other sports and forms of exercise at a reasonably competent level. The teachers all have the same training so there is consistency across the classes and the 9 week sequence program allows you to build up competency in a number of poses which can then be practised outside class on your own. I just love it!!

Diana R.

I love these classes . For a long time I have been looking for a class for a range of ages and abilities and found it at Yoga Synergy.

David C.

I have been going to Yoga Synergy Bondi Junction for just over a year and have attended approx 130-140 classes so far. The yoga teachers/yogis are so compassionate, knowledgeable, kind and down to earth. Super grounded human beings. Extremely thorough and work with all levels of yoga from highly advanced to helping people commence their journeys with such care. Could not recommend Yoga Synergy more highly. World class teaching with such soulful compassion.

Sarah W.

As always, I left Joss’s Vinyasa class this morning walking lighter and taller, breathing easy and with a smile on my face.

Leah D.

Pilates @ yoga synergy with Rachel Reed, is outstanding, on a personal note Rachel is the most caring and special lady. As a pilates teacher/instructor, she is the very best, always protecting one’s injuries/conditions. She is so dedicated and devoted to ensure you get the strength and rehab that is required. She is a rare Diamond. Bless you.

Patty L.

I love the Newtown studio. I love what the yoga does for me – Every time Never ever disappointing. Yoga is The most satisfying joyous discipline I know. Thanks

Irene D.

The best yoga studio I ever attended – high quality teachers and challenging classes

Debbie K.

I have been attending classes at Yoga Synergy for the last 15 years and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. The instructors are fantastic and I always leave feeling energised and blissful.


The Yoga Synergy Teacher Training in Bali has been a really inspiring experience in many ways for me. Bianca and Simon are wonderful teachers with deep knowledge. I appreciate their passion for sharing all they have learnt over the years on their own way with their students. The mixture of learning with the online courses and having the contact time in Bali were fantastic for me. The online courses gave me the opportunity to learn the material in different ways (reading, seeing, listening and getting active) and to learn in my own time. What I like most about the training is, that it is suitable for different levels. The best benefit for me as a yoga beginner was to reflect my own moving behaviours. Instead of using force and trying to press my body into positions, I have learnt to move in a gentle, loving and relaxing way, with the result of building up more strength and flexibility I ever did before. Having this in mind also helped me to accept my own limitations, getting back to feel free in my movements and to feel connected within my body again. Also the beautiful Yoga-students from all over the world, helping each other in their process of learning and growing, made this training very special. I can’t wait to learn more from Bianca and Simon! Thank you! Tatjana

Sarah W.

I’ve just started back practicing yoga after a long absence and I feel very motivated now that I’ve found Yoga Synergy. The two instructors I’ve had so far (Joss and Catherine) are both very experienced yogis giving clear and sound instruction. I feel like I’m in good hands. The room and facilities are clean, bright and airy and location extremely convenient. After all these years, I’m looking forward to practicing regularly again.

Prue P.

Love this place. Excellent teaching style and an approach that really meets you where your mind/body is up to each day.

Tanya D.

I have been to one class here so far, which was last Friday and absolutely loved it! I will definitely be going back again.

Suzanne B.

The style of yoga is fantastic… Teachers are highly skilled and passionate about yoga….. I highly recommend the school

Tony L.

I have practised yoga throughout Sydney, China and Bali in the last three years but I always return to Yoga Synergy. The flow classes are designed to develop the mental calmness and physical flexibility my body needs.

Gavin B.

Rachel’s stretch class was excellent. While it was tough her verbal guidance was very clear & she took the time to correct each individual when necessary. She also continuously repeated to only go as far as your body will comfortably go thus avoiding injury. Thank you Rachel.

Candy W.

If you want to learn to be a yoga teacher – Yoga Synergy is the only place to learn. The online courses supplied relevant information alongside the comprehensive practice videos, which included two levels of poses for those new to yoga and the more advanced. Yoga Synergy is suitable for all ages – energetic enough for the younger body while gentle enough for the older bodies. I had completed a 200 hour yoga training earlier, the result of this training made me feel very insignificant from very ego driven teachers, with no practical training supplied. Complete waste of money and time. My concern is now to learn the poses enough to make Bianca and Simon proud of their Yoga synergy styles when I teach. I would not teach any other style.

Eric S.

The best authentic yoga I know. Away from the mainstream, Simon teaches his students his beautiful, eventful yoga art. Or should I say, Simon inspires in a very profound way and makes the flow a successful meditation.

Candy W.

Simon’s spinal practice is like a beautiful dance party. This practice leaves you feeling energetic, less hungry and all parts of the body revitalized. Such a fresh new concept to the perception of yoga .- this is a must try.

Kirsten H.

I cannot wait to do more training with Simon and Yoga Synergy. My body LOVES it ?

Tilda C.

It was my first time yesterday and I really enjoyed my class. They were so welcoming which I loved…

Bishnu P.

The more I teach the more I realise the value of what I have learned from you both and the teachers at Yoga Synergy.

Sabina P.

Was a total pleasure to do this course. I bought all the videos and each time I see them I find something new.


I had the most profoundly transformational time and in a most delightful way”  Just so good…he is a rare gem and a real one off for sure profoundly transformed my personal practice” WORKSHOP ATTENDEE


….I’d like to say a few words of gratitude. My time well spent at the Yoga Synergy Teacher Training retreat was one of my top highlights and life changing moments in Australia! This is a new beginning but a profound one. I have been so fortunate to have the honour of being taught by my most respected Yoga Teachers Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss! Yoga Synergy has exceeded my expectations and I feel confident to carry out the knowledge and skills to transfer the beautiful flow of Hatha Yoga on to my future students. Whether I teach at Yoga Synergy soon or take this back to Canada or other parts of the world, I will carry out their legacy forward and share this beautiful art form to all those who want to receive it. Both teachers weighing a balance of tremendous trial and experience, skill and creativity in their own brilliant way and methods have made an enormous impact on my well-being down to the cellular level and far beyond words I can’t even express! I forever am grateful to be where I am today! …. I’ve learned a great deal about who I am, affirmed what I already know, assured of my purpose, realized more of my gifts and talents beyond the cutting edge yoga training that I forever am grateful to have gleaned. Thanks to the two awesome people behind Yoga Synergy for creating something special for others to be inspired by….. My cup is full and I’m ready to pour it out to all of you who want to learn more. Thank you both for making a spectacular difference in my life! Yoga Synergy Teacher Training Australia 2018

Claudia H.

I went to 3 classes 2 with Bianca and 1 with Mardi. They were all very different but all excellent. Great way of teaching. Very detailed explanations and they check the alignment.I felt so good after. Its not just that they were teaching the asanas, they really live yoga!Great atmosphere!!!

Oksana I.

Simon has an art of giving, from his heart, mind, and soul. I have been researching the internet, magazines, and books for years in my quest to find the guru who would have the deep theoretical knowledge paired with intelligence practice, complemented by passion, dedication and such an authentic gift as a teacher, as Simon Borg-Olivier, and I can truly connect to. From our first contact, I immediately knew Simon was that guru. His ability to constantly evolve and take his students to higher, purer and more intelligent levels of practice is amazing.

Stephane R

Deep and thorough knowledge of all disciplines relevant to yoga, decades of practice at a very high level and an incredible generosity towards students of all levels. No calculation, political correctness or other superficiality here; this is the essence of yoga taught with joy and with an open heart. Highest respect and gratitude.

Lucy M.

I love Yoga Synergy hands down the best! most of the teachers are beautiful instructors with a beautiful energy.The all round positive effects of these yoga classes for me last days afterwards. My last class, attended after a long absence forced by life situations, with Piotr on Friday evening, re affirmed my love and need for this type of yoga founded on yoga principles, natural, dynamic movements and nerve stretches. Kath Brown is wonderful too!! Simon and Bianca are inspirational!!

Melissa L.

The classes here are always good. Highly recommended, whether experienced or just starting out. Thanks

Felicity C.

Smart, thorough, calm, strong, meditative. Everything!

Odonata K

Love love love Simon and Biancas teacher training, such a beautiful balance. I will be back for more. Namaste my beautiful mentors.

Sonia de G

No need to look further, this is the best yoga you’ll ever find 

Kate B.

I have been going to the class in Bondi Junction on and off for over ten years. Whenever I think of trying somewhere else I can’t bring myself to! Bianca and Simon’s philosophy and the Yoga Synergy style are the best suited to our crazy world and Western bodies. I know I can trust the teachers there regardless of who is teaching. Always welcoming and suitable for everyone.

Christine C

The best yoga in the country! Professional instructors, online courses, and fit for any yogi – from beginner to advanced…!

Blenda L.E.

It was meant to be a random yoga class that I picked from the ClassPass app but I left the class so energized & motivated that I have been attending almost every day in the last 3 weeks… The sequence method is really empowering as makes me want to improve & follow the flow in the upcoming classes. It’s also really nice to see the different teaching styles applied to the same sequence – loving Joss and Catherine’s classes! Highly recommended 

P. Choi

I completed my Yoga Synergy teacher training in 2016. The Yoga Synergy method is progressive, intelligent and transformational; the course curriculum (online and face-to-face) is thorough and relevant and the teachings from Bianca and Simon are accessible and positive. I love the Yoga Synergy method as a student and as a teacher. Thank you Yoga Synergy.

S. Brockman

The 200hr teacher training was an amazing experience! The course was extremely thorough and the trainers incredibly knowledgeable especially including the extra two online courses (Yoga Fundamentals) and (Applied anatomy and physiology). The flexible delivery for me while running a Gym Business in Western Australia was perfect, (four weekend workshops finishing with a ten day intensive). I would highly recommend training with Simon and Bianca and the Yoga Synergy technique.

Josephine C.

Yoga Synergy, in the care and mgmt of Simon and Bianca, offers absolute world class wonderful yoga instruction. It is not your average studio, the directors train their hand selected teachers over years and the quality and care shows. Be warned though.. if you go to them first you will never be satisfied in other studios because these guys are truly the best. Yoga Synergy directors understand the Western body as well as the Eastern yogic traditions. If you look at the BIOs of the head instructors of other studios in Sydney most have trained under the direction of Yoga Synergy directors. Try them.. you will be delighted.

kylie Bernoth

I have learnt more in 12 months than I think I have in 20yrs 🙂

Georgina Eve

“I loved this course! It played a fundamental role in furthering my study as a yoga teacher. Coming from an Iyengar trained background, and as a lead teacher myself, I really appreciated the fine attention to detail. Simon and Bianca are expert teachers who are able to deliver the subject of yoga Anatomy and Physiology in a comprehensive seamless whole. AAP provides amazing support throughout, an easy to navigate online structure and in depth resources. I recommend AAP to all yoga teachers, new and experienced”

Ivan G.

Thank you. I enjoyed the course a lot. It is a wonderful blend of western science and traditional yoga wisdom. I found the concept of bandhas superb, I have never learnt it this way before and it is really important to a safe and efficient practice. The pranayama section is also really good and goes much deeper than usual. The whole material is excellent.

James M.

I think before synergy my practice had been one based on competing with my body, forcing it into submission. But synergy teaches you to find the subtle practice, allowing you to actually begin hearing and synchronizing with your own body, opening up a whole universe of healing.


I never enjoyed yoga until I attended classes at Yoga Synergy. Now I am a regular every week to Joss’s 12.30pm class. I love that the program is designed by physios so is safe for my body. I get a great stretch and am also improving my strength.

David C.

YS Thank you…I am very very new to yoga in the last month and have been so welcomed and supported by your team. Joss, Catherine and Danny so far. They could not have been more helpful and truly patient and compassionate. Thank you so much guys. Cheers David

J Fishman

I’ve been going to Yoga Synergy in Bondi and Newtown for many many years and I still love it. Every teacher is highly trained and follows a particular class structure so I trust that my body will be moving in a safe and effective way.

D Diana

I have been going to Yoga Synergy on and off for over 10 years. The studio is a really nice space to practice in. All the teachers deliver to such a high standard, I always come away feeling stronger, more relaxed and connected.

P Baskind

I’ve been going along to Synergy for a lot of years. They have devised a disciplined and safe system expressed in a non competitive way. Regardless of your level you will find a reassuring and safe environment to practice and participate. Step one: give it a go.

M Taylor

Beautiful intuitive yoga, lovely supportive teachers, and kind gentle community. Highly recommended

J O’Rourke

After years of yoga practice in various styles and various cities across the world, I’m so grateful to have found Yoga Synergy and their unique blend of movement styles. All the teachers here are true yogis with vast experience.

K. Gee

Since learning and practicing yoga with Simon and Bianca, I have never found another studio where the yoga taught was as profound, or had such an unintentionally positive impact on my life and health. No other style comes close – it makes me want to return to live in Sydney!

S. Jackson

Considered nurturing Pilates Class. I was fortunate to attend Rachel’s class yesterday at Yoga Synergy. The space lends itself to calmness, strength and flow. The class was exceptional Rachel has an incredible knowledge of anatomy and how it relates to our bodies in a functioning world. She focuses our mind and attention to the detail that nurtures us and challenges us at the same time. To develop the strength of mind and body needed to deal with everyday. A beautiful holistic, educational and emotionally uplifting experience.

Simon M.

I love your work and I feel this course changed my way of looking at the world, hence, the world in my eyes!


Good morning Simon and Bianca, I am currently up to week 7 in the online Yoga Therapy course. I feel so grateful to you both for offering me the opportunity to complete this learning. It has been direction changing for me. I am very new to being a yoga teacher and feel so fortunate to be being empowered with this knowledge at such an earlier stage of my Yoga journey. After attending many Yoga classes and feeling confused and often concerned about  poses being offered ( especially in beginners classes ), its similar to a door being opened and finding a whole new wing of a building to explore. The course make so much sense to me, connects with what I feel instinctively, is engaging and has given me so much more in depth knowledge and confidence. Being able to complete online is great for me to fit in with a full family life but I still feel so connected. I love Simons teaching style. Its expert, heart felt, gentle and generous and I often am at the computer having light bulb moments and/or shaking with laughter. I love sitting at the dinner table, sharing what I have learned that day with my family starting with ” Simon says” Thank you very much for your kindness and generosity. Sending you many warm wishes

Patricia D

I have thoroughly enjoyed Complete Sequence Set. When the student is ready the teacher appears. I have been practicing Yoga for about 14 years now and I have found some good instruction and not so good instruction. I have an at home practice so the download has been a wonderful addition. With an At- home practice as you know the student can follow the path of least resistance and ignore the hard parts and keep what is easy. Thank you so much. I am sure that I will be ordering again from you for other items. I have already experienced some more body knowledge in a short time of use. The instruction is well thought out and presented in a way that is easy to understand. Thank You Again Patricia Drain Plymouth Massachusetts USA


I had a new teacher today covering for Kath at Newtown called Catherine. I just wanted to say how much  I enjoyed her class. She has a lovely confident energy and has such clear instructions with so much intent. Kath is one of my favourites but Catherine said she is quite new to synergy so I thought giving her an appraisal would be useful. Send her to Newtown more often please 🙂

Shona B.

I got a great deal out of the course. It’s a funny thing because Simon starts and ends the course saying ‘breathe less, bend less, move slower’ and then in between there’s these incredible 12 topics packed with SO MUCH knowledge and experience. A great deal of what he demonstrates is well beyond my current physical capacity, so the wisdom for me was not in trying to copy what he was doing, but in finding my own body’s version of what he was explaining or demonstrating. It’s so easy to go too far. In terms of time, it took me much more than 120 hours. Having said that, I watched each lecture numerous times and deliberately took my time so that I could steadily apply my learning to my practice over time. Probably the key learning for me was developing an anatomical and physiological perspective for what I was already experiencing intuitively in my body. I think this broadens my base for understanding other peoples’ bodies better.  And of course, it deepens my awareness of my own practice. I also noticed that with so much new information going through my brain, I was getting a bit cerebral about my practice. For example, I would be thinking about the protraction/depression/rotation of my shoulders rather than just feeling them and my breath and working from there. I guess this is part of the ongoing challenge with my practice – to embrace new knowledge but to always let my practice grow from within. In summary, I would absolutely recommend the course. And I have, to those who have asked me about it. I very much enjoyed Bianca’s involvement. Since I have this opportunity, I want to say how much I enjoyed your lecture on the female reproductive system. You bring a different energy and with all respect to Simon (who did an incredible job), I think the course as a whole could be strengthened with more of you on screen. So thank you very much to you all. The course interface was user-friendly and the content itself was a beautiful and deepening complement to the current yoga apprenticeship I am undertaking. With gratitude.

David Cunningham

I’ve been studying with Simon & Bianca in person and online since 2011. I have done all their online courses and participated in many of their workshops. Before that, I’d been trained as an Ashtanga teacher and suffered several self inflicted injuries. It was only when Yoga Synergies teachings started to sink in that I realized how little I know about the human body, and that yoga can make conditions worse if you apply it unintelligently. Simon is a biologist, physiotherapist and yoga teacher and his knowledge about the human anatomy and physiology, and his insight about how traditional yoga and modern western physiotherapy can be brought together is so unique and profound that I have retrained with him as a Yoga Synergy teacher and I also taught 25 Yoga teachers how to teach with respect and understanding of the Yoga Synergy style. This Yoga Therapy course is one of the most helpful courses I have ever done in Yoga and it informed not only myself but also my students and teacher trainees to a level where I am confident that our teachings will be safe effective and importantly promote a confidence in both the teachers and the students to promote health in addition to managing pain and conditions that present in class. I insist that all teachers at our studios have completed the Yoga Synergy online courses and actively encourage anyone with a strong interest in Yoga to take this course.

Maddi Lock

I loved the Anatomy and Physiology online course. My own asana practice improved as each module was completed. I learnt the interaction of the muscle groups, the breathing techniques along with modifications for students with physical concerns for the main asanas. Simon personally answered my questions and provide deeper insight to the course assessment questions via phone calls. Having easy access to such a knowledgeable teacher was brilliant. The online course with Simon and Bianca is an excellent approach if unable to attend in person.

Maddi Lock

I loved the course! The fundamental course provides a level of understanding of the philosophy of yoga, am important concept to understand as a teacher. The content is clearly set out, easy to follow and comprehend. Each module is set out clearly, with reading, videos and the assignments to complete. The assignments are essential to understanding the concepts developed in the module. Simon always answered any question that I had if I struggled to understand a topic as part of the studies and course requirements. The course helped deepen my own yoga practice.

Robyn Silberman

I thoroughly enjoyed learning the importance of moving safely in and out of postures. Watching and practicing the videos has taught me so much about teaching with confidence and care. Thanks to Simon and Bianca for giving so generously of their knowledge and time.

Robyn C

Not really a discussion thread, but just feel I must express my gratitude to Simon for so generously sharing his knowledge. I am loving the course and finding the information so helpful with my own practice. I did attend a Yoga Synergy class when i was in Sydney recently. Even tho I have been practising yoga for over 20 year I felt like a complete novice! The yoga teacher, however ( Amelia) was so professional, compassionate and inclusive. Wish I could attend on a more regular basis. Thank you again Simon. Your efforts are so much appreciated.

Damien, Online Course Student

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Amelia, Bianca and Simon for all their help and for the opportunity to learn so much about this subject and for making it relevant to what we do. I look forward to the continuous learning and practising . Thanks Again.

Carelene De Jager – Online Course Student

I was a little nervous in the beginning , hoping it would all all make sense to me 🙂 But I have found this course to be so informative and interesting and I love the lay out and order of each topic and how everything truly comes together and makes total sense to me . 🙂

Melanie Gallagher BSc(Physiotherapy) Physiotherapist

I would recommend Simon’s course on the Applied Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga to anyone who is serious about their yoga practice. If you want to really understand what is happening in your body from an anatomical and physiological perspective when you are practicing yoga, then this course is vital. I’ve been going to Simon’s classes for over 5 years now and that is not even that long compared to many in the class! What keeps us coming back is the the way we can see our yoga constantly evolving as Simon continues to develop his understanding of the human body and the physiological effects of yoga practice on health and wellbeing. With anatomical explanations and differing emphasis, postures that I have been doing for years suddenly seem completely new. The classes bring the mind-fullness back into yoga practice- rather than a series of postures. Simon’s style allows you to also feel the effects that yoga can have on energy levels, concentration and mental state. Every practice feels different and the effects are different day to day depending on the emphasis of the class. The information I have learnt during Simon’s classes have allowed me to be better in tune with the needs of my body before each practice so i am able to choose for myself what sort of emphasis and energy I should bring to my own practice and have also left me with a better ability to create practice for myself at home that is effective and safe.

Devi Meenan

“If you want to learn a way to free your body, spine, mind and unleash energy, letting it flow through your body, causing a joy while moving, while staying relaxed and while breathing calmly then try Yoga Synergy”

Oksana Isavnina (Australia)

“If you want a solid investment into education, that is very credible and backed up with years of practice, study and experience, you should choose Yoga Synergy”

Suresh Gupta (India)

“If you were to invest your money somewhere then go and do a Yoga Synergy course with Simon Sir. Your investment will grow several times “

Anna Maria Connelly

“Do it, most intelligent, beautiful, evolutionary style of yoga. Do this teacher training and you will never have to do another.” Anna Maria Conneely (Ireland)

Brett Walsh (Australia)

This is yoga and a health approach that can take you through the rest of your life.  No gimmicks. Endless learning and understanding.

Ruth Weeks – Educational Designer, Newtown Yoga Synergy

I had been practicing yoga for several years, but – as I was pregnant – I needed to look for a school that taught really safely and responsibly. The fact that Simon and Bianca were both qualified Physiotherapists very much appealed to me. I started going to a pre-natal class at Yoga Synergy and have never looked back! I love the fact that every sequence is different and that the teachers are constantly expanding my understanding of yoga. My daily practice and twice-weekly classes have helped me overcome periods of personal grief, insomnia and illness and become a really important part of my life.

Dr Sarah Woodgate, Psychiatrist, Bondi Yoga Synergy

I had been experimenting with different yoga schools in Sydney for almost a year, but had yet to find one I really felt connected to. In late 2009, my former hairdresser in Brisbane – who moonlights as a yoga instructor – suggested I try Yoga Synergy. From the beginning, my experience was welcoming and positive. Every teacher displayed a genuine interest in my wellbeing. There was sense of mind-body connectedness. And I felt that my chronic knee injury was taken seriously and not “pushed through”. Regularly attending Yoga Synergy has provided me with a calmer, more meditative space for myself and improved my ability to practice yoga in a mindful way.

Dr John Wilkinson, Senior Virologist, St Vincent’s, Newtown Yoga Synergy

In 1996, I kept passing the Newtown studio, picking up flyers and then returning to the comfort of my couch. Eventually I made it through the door looking for a change of mind, body and lifestyle. I found all these things at Yoga Synergy and I am very grateful. Yoga Synergy is driven by Bianca’s and Simon’s passion, enthusiasm, experience and professionalism. It serves a brand of yoga that is grounded in physiology and anatomy, without the new age frills and distractions. As a scientist aiming to keep an open mind, I have found yoga has stretched it further and in directions that benefit my daily life. My advice is to open that door.

Mark Dempsey, Lawyer, Bondi Yoga Synergy

After studying yoga for many years, in mid-2009, I began attending Yoga Synergy in order to take my practice to the next level. The Yoga Synergy style of yoga is strong but graceful, dancelike and exquisite. The applied anatomy and physiology which informs the teaching is brilliant. And the tuition in pranayama and mediation is profound. Through their intelligent and sophisticated teaching, Simon, Bianca and their team open a path to significant physiological, emotional and spiritual development. The experience has exceeded all my hopes and expectations. And, it is really lovely to practice there.

Marina Suarez, Psychotherapist, Newtown Yoga Synergy

In 1998, I was suffering recurrent migraines caused by tension in my neck and upper back. I was managing this with massages but it was a reactive and expensive solution that didn’t address the cause. Then my chiropractor suggested I attend Yoga Synergy. Yoga helped enormously and continues to do so. I don’t get many migraines nowadays but, when I do, nothing but yoga fixes it. I don’t bother taking painkillers, I practice yoga. Of course, I also keep going back because yoga gives me a sense of wellbeing, improves my mood and provides a nurturing space for my body and mind.

Kristin Haigh, Physiotherapist, Bondi Yoga Synergy

I have been a student at Yoga Synergy since the beginning of 2010. I now regularly attend the 6am yoga class in addition to my other training which includes cycling, pilates and weight training. Since starting yoga, I have gained increased muscular and postural core strength. It has also improved my endurance, stamina flexibility and balance – and relieved me of the persistent pain of an injured shoulder and lower back. Yes all of the above!! Plus, I feel significantly more centred and happy, and look forward to each class because I know how good it will make me feel.

Peter Mclaren, Local Businessman, Bondi Yoga Synergy

In 2005, following a roadside discussion with a student on his way to a class, I decided to give Yoga Synergy a try. I have now become a dedicated student following the excellent results that are undoubtedly due to my regular attendance. As a long time sufferer of a prolapsed disc, I am grateful each day that my affliction has finally been brought under control. My thanks go to the Yoga Synergy instructors who ensure I practice with care, perseverance and above all faith. One of the greatest joys is now the equanimity and contentment that my evening Yoga class brings.

Michael Thiel-Paul, Bondi Yoga Synergy

I practiced with Yoga Synergy at Bondi in 2005 and since then have been living in QLD. I’ve mostly been exercising in a gym environment, drifiting from the wisdom of the practice that I treasured. Then I revisited the Yoga Synergy DVD Air Beginner. It was a deeply MOVING experience and I felt as if a better part of myself was awoken. I want to express my GRATITUDE to both Simon and Bianca for the highest standoard of Yoga they offer. I strongly believe that you have made the world a better place, helping individuals become more open, balanced and “inwardly calm”. My fiance claims I had my best parenting moment the other day as I was able to converse with our daughter after her first day of school….but I put it down to Yoga Synergy, so thank you, thank you, thank you both.

Michael McD, Newtown & Bondi Yoga Synergy

It remains my experience that the dedication and care made available to students by the impressive team of Yoga Synergy teachers is second to none. The finely calibrated Yoga Synergy sequences and the variety of class types continue to provie plenty of learning opportunities and an ongoing invitation to explore a more complete understanding of the full meaning of Yoga. For this, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to Simon and Bianca.

Louise Carter, Online Anatomy & Physiology Course

Woo Hoo! Thanks for the High Distinction! And thanks for the AAP course. Comparatively new to Yoga I completed the ‘Fundamentals’ course last year and felt that AAP was a natural progression. I really loved the course which I thought was a perfect balance between anatomical and physiological detail and application to Yoga. I appreciated the course structure, particularly the discipline of having to complete weekly tasks while working towards a fuller understanding of how and why. Many thanks also to Online Course Administrator Amelia whose reassuring presence was very supportive.

J. Damas – Singapore

I too want to extend my gratitude to Simon, Bianca and yourself for this course. I have garnered so much understanding of yoga, life, living. It underscores the importance of knowledge, the effort needed to attain it, and how at the end of the day, it’s irreplaceable as It brings yoga to another level. I am also grateful I have invested in the DVDs and the textbook for the course as I will be able to continue learning and cementing the important theories presented.