Introducing myself

    • 27/12/2019 at 12:49 am #48817

      Hi there,
      I am Anna, originally from Germany and live in Italy, Sardinia, since 1999. I never wanted to do yoga, because it seemed just too slow to me. Then a friend of mine convinced me to come with her to her yoga class, Kundalini yoga. In the beginning a was sceptical and did not want to participate in anything “too different” like meditation and relaxation. It was almost impossible for me to stay during the relaxing at the end, because I thought that i had so many other things to do and that it was a waste of time. I ended up staying and slowly learned to appreciate every part of the classes including the wonderful company. After two years of kundalini yoga I moved and could not continue practising with my class and teacher and it did not take long that i stopped practising alltogether.
      I realized how much i missed my yoga practise and started going to another school just a few month ago, feeling the well being and positive influence right away.
      I am so curious why yoga is giving me such a sense of well being that i want to know more about it and also i wanto to learn how to practise on my own in a way that i will not miss it again.
      Researching on the internet about breathing and keeping the belly button in, I found a video of Simon on yogasynergy and that way found the online course.
      I wanto to see i I like it and what i will know and where i will be after having followed the course. My expectation of the course it that it will teach me to understand what i am doing when practising yoga and to practise in the safest and best way for me. I also hope that i will be able to help and explain more about yoga to the interested people around me. I am dreaming about remaing/becoming flexible in body and of being full of energy until i will be really old with the help of regular yoga practise.
      I wish all of you happy studies!

    • 05/01/2020 at 7:27 am #48941
      Eva Rohringer

      Hi, I’m Eva from Austria, living in Indonesia at the moment and right now full time mom of 2 lovely boys (3 and 1 year). I’m a technical chemist and yoga teacher. The last 5 years I mainly focused on giving prenatal and postnatal yoga classes, which I loved to do and it suited perfectly to my circumstances. The magic of life and to empower women to believe in themselves and their ability of giving birth, as a natural process, was great and absolutely inspiring. So now while I’m observing the development of my kids, I also feel motivated, and get the energy on focusing and caring for me also more again. I’m so happy to study now again and as I practice the first time with Yoga Synergy, it felt so right, that it will be the beginning of something very beautiful. Thank you

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