Awaken to Delight with Clive Sheridan 1 – 3 May 2020

AUD$ 357.00

A weekend with Clive Sheridan is a time to recharge the batteries and be lovingly challenged to look more deeply into matters of the heart and mind. Clive’s experience of Yoga spans a lifetime’s quest to “return to the essence of our true nature”.

Clive uses AsanaPranayama, Meditation and Self Enquiry as “tools for spiritual transformation” – a balance of Asana, suitable for all levels and essential classical Pranayamas is shared in a very clear and accessible way.


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The practice leads to a fine-tuning of our alertness, enabling us to become more familiar with the patterns and conditionings of the individual mind, whilst empowering us to acknowledge the presence of unresolved sadness and anger of the past. Clive challenges us lovingly to ‘dare to let go’ and to stand as naked as the day this body took birth!

Although we may become immersed in blissful moments during the workshop, he calls us again and again to stay alert to the veiling tendencies of the individual mind and reminds us that in this lifetime, we carry the inherent potential to truly understand that there is a freedom beyond the mind and that the fulfilment of this birth is the freedom of self realization. The Satsangs (spiritual discussions) shared both on Friday evening and daily during the weekend, have a particular quality of inspirational energy.

Their source –  Advaita and non-dual Tantra – with their seemingly divergent paths to truth, are the foundation for Clive’s transformative and challenging “cocktail”, indicating a way to our extraordinary potential in this lifetime.
The weekend is suitable for all Yoga friends wishing to deepen their insight into this precious pathless path!
Clive’s partner Miranda will assist him in the Asana sessions.

Introduction/Satsang Friday 1 May, 7.00 pm – 8.00 pm – Yoga Synergy Newtown

Everyone welcome, free for those enrolled in the workshop. For those not attending the workshop – $20 donation. No booking required, please arrive at 6.45pm.


The workshop will be at Yoga Synergy Newtown: 196 Australia St.

Workshop Sessions

  • Day 1: Saturday 2 May (8 – 11 am & 1 – 4 pm)
  • Day 2: Sunday 3 May (8 – 11 am & 1 – 4 pm)

Due to the uncertainty surrounding public gatherings due to COVID-19 we will make a decision regarding the go-ahead for this workshop on 1 April. You will be fully refunded should we decide the need to cancel the event. However we do need you to book and pay if you are wanting to come, so that we also know that we can go ahead and fly Clive down.