Online Teacher Training 200hrs – 4 Month Plan

AUD$610.00 / month for 4 months

10% OFF Until 7th February

Join Yoga Synergy’s 200h Online Teacher Training. Bianca & Simon are both highly experienced Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers, and they are both qualified Physiotherapists, so you will be with the best mentors to become a fully accredited Yoga Teacher – all from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included?
Yoga Synergy Teacher Training manual
Yoga Fundamentals online course (downloadable)
Anatomy & Physiology online course (downloadable)
ASANA: Biomechanics of 84 postures online course (downloadable)
5 Elements video series
Spinal Movements video
Beginner Basics video
Applied Anatomy & Physiology Ebook Text book
8 week Teaching Program over 3 different levels

See below for Refund policy & price reduction info if you have studied online with us previously.

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ONLINE COURSES: 3 of our highly acclaimed online courses, you will be given 12 months access (longer than normal) to complete these courses

Every two weeks you will have a zoom tutorial alternating with Bianca & Simon where you can ask questions and get help with understanding the material.

There are 100 hours of recorded, 3 hour lectures with both Bianca & Simon from 2020 online training which you will access.

Unlimited access  to pre-recorded classes with Bianca and Simon, recommended to do 2 classes from this resource per week – classes range from half hour to hour in length.

You will have access to all our course resources which includes our Training manual, 8 Week Teaching Program, extra information and articles.

You will get the culmination of 20 years work, when you receive our 8 week Teaching program for 3 different levels of class for our Yoga Fundamentals Sequence. This is a valuable resource for teachers to take away from the course and immediately be able to run a class that already works!


  • Anatomy & Physiology Ebook Textbook
  • Five Elements Practice Videos,
  • Basics Videos with Bianca Machliss
  • Spinal Synergy Video with Simon Borg Olivier
  • Complete lecture and practice videos from all Online Courses to keep forever


  • Anatomy & Physiology Hard Copy Text book discounted to AUD$84 (normally AUD$120) includes postage


If you’ve already paid for and studied one of our Online Courses that are included in the Online Teacher Training, the amount you paid for that course will be deducted from the cost of your training – please contact us with a list of the courses you have purchased + receipts if possible so we can work out your payment amount. NB Please email us before making a purchase today.

COST – SAVE 10% Until 7th February

Pay now and start anytime.
Two payment options available:

  1. Pay in 4 monthly instalments of AUD$750 610 (~USD$ 440): total cost AUD$3000 $2440 (~USD$1760)
  2. 10% off until Feb 7th AUD  pay in full AUD$2427 (~USD$1752)

Please note: Because you receive access to downloadable information immediately when you purchase, 60% of your total cost AUD$3000 is non-refundable, should you wish/need to cancel, you will need to continue payments to cover this amount. 

Level 2 (200h) Online 200h Teacher Training Requirements for Certification: 

  • Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Online course: 2 exams (Pass)
  • Applied Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga Online course: 2 exams + assignment (Pass)
  • Asana – Biomechanics of 84 postures Online course (complete)
  • History & Philosophy assignment (Pass)
  • Assessment of teaching (recorded video – Pass)
  • View all 34 recorded zoom lectures from both Bianca and Simon (complete)
  • Attendance at Zoom tutorials or if unable to attend you must view the recorded sessions


You will be given 12 months access from the start date to complete your online courses. As soon as you start you will have access to all the online courses so how fast you complete them is totally up to you. We recommend spending a minimum of 10 hours per week on the online courses and viewing the recorded zoom lectures, if possible.

We recommend that you do a minimum of 2 classes per week one each of Bianca & Simon from the online class platform. There are classes there ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Minimum time spent could be 1 hour per week.

The training (zoom tutorials) will run for a total of 40 hours (20 hours with Bianca and 20 hours with Simon). A timetable for these tutorials will become available after the first two weeks of starting the course as we work out the majority of participants location and times best suited. Most likely the tutorials will run on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 5pm Sydney, Australia time as we found this to be the best overall time for most participants in our last online training. The zoom tutorials will run over a 5 month period.

In total you will be looking at around 20 hours per week minimum  – there is possibility to finish the course sooner depending on how many hours you do – or you have a year to complete.