Teacher Training 200h Online component


Join Yoga Synergy’s 200h Online Component of your Teacher Training. Bianca & Simon are both highly experienced Yoga Teachers and Teacher Trainers, and they are both qualified Physiotherapists, so you will be with the best mentors to become a fully accredited Yoga Teacher – all from the comfort of your own home.

What’s Included?….downloadable = keep forever, streaming = access for 12 months

  • Twelve-month access to Online courses, Teacher Training lectures & tutorials
  • Yoga Synergy Teacher Training manual (downloadable)
  • Advanced Yoga Fundamentals online course (downloadable set)
  • 5 Elements video series (downloadable)
  • Spinal Movements video (downloadable)
  • Beginner Basics video (downloadable)
  • Teacher Training lecture series recorded (streaming only)
  • Monthly Zoom Tutorials alternating with Bianca & Simon (live)
  • Access to our online classes platform, recorded classes with Bianca & Simon (streaming only)
  • An 8 week Teaching Program over 3 levels ready for you to use when you start teaching (downloadable)

See below for Refund policy & price reduction info if you have studied online with us previously.

Start your transformational journey today!

“This course was really a wish come true! What you do, and how you teach is so flawless that sometimes we can actually believe it’s easy!!! This course is not just “an online” course, but a really in depth one! ” Melissa Hurt

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Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga TT

'Advanced Yoga Fundamentals: Essentials for teaching Yoga' is a must-do online yoga teacher training program for anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher and/or deepen their yoga practice. Between them, Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier have practised and studied yoga for over half a century. They are the founders and directors of one of Sydney’s pioneer yoga schools, Yoga Synergy, established in 1985.

Basics with Bianca Machliss TT

This set of videos, presented by Yoga Synergy Director, Bianca Machliss is the perfect introduction to your Yoga Synergy journey.

Bianca covers many of the basic instructions you'll hear in a Yoga Synergy style class, what they mean and how to approach the asanas (postures) safely. We're all unique, and therefore need to modify postures differently according to our own unique set of variables - injuries, past experience, physical fitness and genetic physicality.

Often there isn't time in a class of mixed abilities to go slowly through all the technical detail, so these videos were made to help you understand what the instructions mean and how to approach the postures safely in class. These tips can be applied to any style of yoga that you may choose to practice.

Elements: Complete 5 Sequence Set TT

Yoga Synergy’s complete five-sequence set of yoga videos is for the yogi who wants the whole Yoga Synergy experience. Developed by Bianca Machliss and Simon Borg-Olivier, the ‘Elements: Complete five sequence set’ is the original series of Yoga Synergy videos. Each yoga video encapsulates the Yoga Synergy method and approach to yoga, based on Bianca and Simon’s years of experience as yoga teachers and physiotherapists. It’s yoga with a sound anatomical foundation.

The set includes beginner level sequences for each element – earth, water, fire, air and ether* – with demonstrations of both the simple (Simon) and more complex (Bianca) versions of the postures. There is also an intermediate demonstration of the sequences for a deeper practice (please note, the Earth sequence is not instructed), and still pictures of the postures so you can practise in your own time.

Spinal Movements TT

Discover how to best move your spine to increase circulation, generate energy, relieve back pain, increase core strength and become more mobile. Simon Borg-Olivier explains movements that will strengthen your spine while eliminating tension, and warm you up without making your heart race. The movements are easy to follow and you’ll feel energised afterwards.

The video includes an interactive lecture on how to move your spine; information on how to apply the movements to classic postures; a demonstration sequence; a verbal-and-visual instructed practice class; and a visual instructed practice class.



ONLINE COURSE:  you will be given 12 months access to complete the online course Advanced Yoga Fundamentals

Every month you will have a zoom tutorial alternating with Bianca & Simon where you can ask questions and get help with understanding the material.

There are 100 hours of recorded, 3 hour lectures with both Bianca & Simon which you will access for 12 months, you must watch all of these lectures

Unlimited access for 12 months to pre-recorded classes with Bianca and Simon, recommended to do 2 classes from this resource per week – classes range from half hour to hour in length.

You will have access to all our course resources and be able to download and keep forever. Includes the Teacher Training manual, 8 Week Teaching Program, extra information and articles.

You will get the culmination of 20 years work, when you receive our 8 week Teaching program for 3 different levels of class for our Yoga Fundamentals Sequence. This is a valuable resource for teachers to take away from the course and immediately be able to run a class that already works!


  • Five Elements Practice Videos,
  • Basics Videos with Bianca Machliss
  • Spinal Synergy Video with Simon Borg Olivier
  • Complete lecture videos from online course Advanced Yoga Fundamentals
  • Teacher Training manual
  • 8 Week teaching program


  • Anatomy & Physiology Hard Copy Text book discounted to AUD$84 (normally AUD$120) includes postage


Please note: Because you receive access to downloadable information immediately when you purchase, your total cost AUD$ is non-refundable, should you wish/need to cancel, you will need to continue payments to cover this amount.

Level 2 (200h) Live + Online 200h Teacher Training Requirements for Certification: 

  • Attendance at Live Training 100%
  • Assessment of teaching (done at your live Training)
  • Advanced Yoga Fundamentals Online course: 2 exams (Pass)
  • History & Philosophy assignment (Pass)
  • View all 34 recorded Teacher Training Lectures from both Bianca and Simon (complete)
  • Attendance at Zoom tutorials is optional, if you’re unable to attend you can view recorded sessions.

You will be given 12 months access from the start date to complete your online components. As soon as you start you will have access to all the online courses so how fast you complete them is totally up to you.

We recommend that you try to do a minimum of 2 classes per week one each of Bianca & Simon from the online class platform. There are classes there ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Minimum time spent could be 1 hour per week.

The training (zoom tutorials) will run ongoing alternating every month with Bianca and Simon. A timetable for these tutorials will be emailed to you once you join. Tutorials will run on Friday, Saturday or Sundays 5pm Sydney, Australia time and will go for 2 hours. It’s a time for you to access your teachers with questions, so it’s helpful if you email them in advance of each tutorial.

The amount of time you spend per week is up to you, everyone is different  – there is possibility to finish the course sooner depending on how many hours you do – or you have 12 month to complete.

We do recommend that you purchase a separate hard drive to start downloading all your “keep forever” files so you have easy access to them whenever you need. They are large files so they take some time.

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