Monika Lenkefi

I still remember the first Yoga Synergy class I walked into in 2006. I had been practicing yoga for 5 years by then, so I had some experience and learnt from a few very skilled, excellent teachers. However, my first class with Simon had a definite WOW factor which lasts even today after 13 years of guru-shisja relationship. He never …

Tite Togni

As a professional athlete and yoga practitioner for more than 30 years, I’ve experienced how yoga can enhance an athlete’s life, but I struggled to find yoga practices that would boost my energy instead of depleting it. It was only after I had found Simon and Yoga Synergy that I realized yoga can make conditions worse if you practice it …

Charlotte VB.

Simon is the most knowledgeable teacher I have ever met, he teaches in a way that makes learning easy and fun. I loved the first Teacher Training so much I did another training last year. Simon changed my idea of what yoga is and how to teach it and practice. Since doing Yoga Synergy I have been cured of Raynaud’s …

Agnes P.

(Simon) You are one of the most amazing teachers and humans who I met in my life – your teaching rooted in deep knowledge, dedication and experience, scientifically sound, always safe and very respectful and loving with people. Lots of Love from Hungary

Eric S.

The best authentic yoga I know. Away from the mainstream, Simon teaches his students his beautiful, eventful yoga art. Or should I say, Simon inspires in a very profound way and makes the flow a successful meditation.

Candy W.

Simon’s spinal practice is like a beautiful dance party. This practice leaves you feeling energetic, less hungry and all parts of the body revitalized. Such a fresh new concept to the perception of yoga .- this is a must try.


I had the most profoundly transformational time and in a most delightful way”  Just so good…he is a rare gem and a real one off for sure profoundly transformed my personal practice” WORKSHOP ATTENDEE


I had a new teacher today covering for Kath at Newtown called Catherine. I just wanted to say how much  I enjoyed her class. She has a lovely confident energy and has such clear instructions with so much intent. Kath is one of my favourites but Catherine said she is quite new to synergy so I thought giving her an …