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Hi Yogis, Please join me in a FREE online gathering this April 7-11: The Yoga & Wisdom of Nature Summit, by Hanuman Academy. I am honoured to be one of 25 master yoga teachers, consciousness leaders and wisdom keepers chosen to discuss natural intelligence — how yoga at its roots is designed to connect us to our essential, natural Selves, …

Get on your head

Should you ‘get on your head’ or ‘off your head’?

Are you feeling ungrounded? and maybe a bit ‘Off your head’ from too much partying perhaps? Are you feeling lacking in lacking in self confidence? Well here is the solution… Get ‘onto your head’ (instead of ‘getting off your head’!) and build your self confidence by letting the ‘sun shine out of you’! by first ‘putting the sun into you’! …

has yoga lost it's soul in the west?

Has yoga lost its soul in the West?

Today I was asked ‘Has yoga lost its soul in the West?’ … Here is an answer I just wrote … I think that most people teaching modern yoga have good intentions and some modern yoga does seem to help some people for some time. However, I don’t think that what is mostly being taught under the banner of yoga …

SBO Interview

Secrets of Internal Energy – Part 5

Simon Borg Olivier Interview Part 5 – Secrets of Internal Energy   View Part 1 here View Part 2 here View Part 3 here View Part 4 here View Part 6 here Thanks to Chris Johns​ who has kindly filmed and edited these videos

SBO Interview

Starting Yoga Practice – Part 4

Simon Borg Olivier Interview Part 4 – Starting Yoga Practice View Part 1 here View Part 2 here View Part 3 here View Part 5 here View Part 6 here Thanks to Chris Johns​ who has kindly filmed and edited these videos

SBO Pranayama

My best meditation ever – Simon Borg-Olivier

SCIENCE EXPERIMENT: My best meditation ever after first holding my breath in for 6 minutes: My breathing was scientifically tested in a laboratory at RMIT University. I was hooked up to a calorimeter with a gas mask to measure energy use in terms of the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels In my expired air. THE EXPERIMENT: 1. Breathe more than …

How To Meditate

Simon was recently asked by Move123 to record a basic Meditation video. Listen  as he guides you through the basics of meditation through breath-control, relaxation and focus. Visit Move 123 at The Secrets of Meditation: Meditation is where there is ‘stillness in mind’, ‘stillness in breath’, you are totally comfortable, totally alert and there is lots of energy and …

How to Handstand

It may be a surprise to some that the common household ‘triangle posture’ has surprisingly so much in common with how to lift up slowly into a handstand, starting by leaning into the palms with your elbows straight, your shoulders over your fingers, with your heels raised and your toe tips initially on the floor. Some tips to begin both …

SBO Pranayama

Hillary is doing yoga!

Hillary is doing yoga! What I said to the SMH about this: I was just interviewed for the Sydney Morning Herald by excellent Journalist Sarah Berry about the story that Hillary Clinton has been doing alternate nostril breathing to calm her. She made a lot of claims about the supposed benefits and a few people have also asked me what …