Simon Borg-Olivier Complete Sequence Set


Join Simon as he takes you through the Five elements sequences:
Beginner Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether.

The videos include an introductory beginner practice, the complete beginner practice and an intermediate demonstration of the sequences.

Yoga Synergy’s complete five-sequence set of yoga videos with Simon Borg-Olivier saves you $30.

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Beginner Earth:

Join Simon Borg-Olivier as he shows you how to make your yoga practice dynamic yet meditative. Learn how to use the 18 bandhas (internal locks) to create core stability throughout the body. Awareness of bandhas as you do your yoga practice immediately creates a focused mental state that allows you to meditate more deeply. Yoga Synergy begins each year with the earth sequence, which kicks off after the holiday season, to help ground us for the start of a new year.

Beginner Water:

Join Simon Borg-Olivier as he describes how to use the diaphragm for increased energy, ease of movement, improved cardiovascular fitness and relaxation. Learn how to practise yoga to create maximum strength and stability while in a meditative state. At Yoga Synergy, the water sequence is the second sequence practised each year, intended to boost our immune system in preparation for winter.

Beginner Fire:

Join Simon Borg-Olivier and learn how to bring firmness to your postures and develop strength while your relax. Simon teaches the most effective ways to breathe so the nervous system stays calm, and subsequently increases the health and function of the digestive, reproductive and immune systems. At Yoga Synergy, the fire sequence is practised with the intention to generate internal fire, to boost immunity and maintain vitality through winter.

Beginner Air:

Join Simon Borg-Olivier to discover the most effective way to practise yoga for the best benefits, and learn how to use the postures and movements of the air sequence to enhance circulation, minimise stress, and increase strength and flexibility. Simon teaches you how you can breathe less, rejuvenate and relax while you exercise. At Yoga Synergy, the air sequence is practised with the intention to expel the stale energy of winter and bring in the lighter energy of spring, for greater mobility and movement through the body.

Beginner Ether:

Join Simon Borg-Olivier and discover the best ways to rid the body of built up toxins, with detailed instruction on how to do beginner to advanced versions of bandhas (internal locks), such as mula bandha and uddiyana bandha, and kriyas (cleansing processes), such as nauli and lauliki. At Yoga Synergy, the ether sequence is practised at the end of the year, as the weather starts to warm up again and our energy levels start to wane.

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