Pre natal Yoga Classes Bondi Junction

Prenatal Yoga – The Benefits of Yoga Classes During Pregnancy

Yoga Synergy offers prenatal yoga classes specially designed to help mothers towards a healthy and less stressful birth process. Yoga practice during pregnancy creates a sense of well-being and helps prepare a mother’s body for the birth of her child.

Attending the prenatal classes at any time during your pregnancy is encouraged. Our students find it to be enormously helpful in not only experiencing a relaxed pregnancy but in preparing the body for the natural process of labour.

If you are starting yoga for the first time and you are 30 weeks pregnant or more, then it is best to start with our prenatal yoga class at Bondi Junction studio on Saturday at 10.30am.

If you are less than 30 weeks, or can’t make it to Bondi Junction Saturday morning, then you are most welcome to come along to any of our Vinyasa (Level 1) classes at our Bondi Junction and Newtown studios.

All our teachers at Yoga Synergy are trained in pre-natal yoga practices and to safely teach pregnant women in these classes.

Pre natal Yoga Classes Bondi Junction

About the Teacher

Robbie Solomon Robbie Solomon is an experienced midwife and yoga teacher and has been teaching pre-natal yoga classes for over 20 years – read more about Robbie.

If you would like to discuss your personal circumstances please call us on (02) 9389 7399 or email before coming to a different style class to check if it will be suitable for you.

2 weeks unlimited yoga for $25*

If you are a new student to Yoga Synergy – jump right in! For just $25 you get unlimited classes (including prenatal classes) for 2 weeks, so even if you just make it to 2 Pre-Natal classes its the best way to start…..sign up here

Our Yoga Video

In 2008 during her pregnancy with her son, Bianca filmed and produced ‘Yoga During Pregnancy’ especially for pregnant women wanting to make sure they were doing Yoga correctly during pregnancy.

In this video you will learn about the safe practice and benefits of yoga during pregnancy and birth.

The video includes still pictures of beginner to advanced postures so you can practise in your own time and at your own pace.

This approach to yoga can be helpful to pregnant mothers in delivery, as it teaches how to let go and be in the moment.

Watch a Short Preview