Join us for Kirtan Q&A Friday 18th January

Embracing the Infinite

Summer Festival – East Coast, Australia

We are proud to be hosting a special event at Yoga Synergy Newtown (196 Australia St) THIS Friday January 18th. Kirtan starts at 7pm but we’d love you to join us beforehand for our Flow class from 5.30 – 6.30pm (please arrive by 5.15pm). Join our fun and dynamic flow through practice to music mixed specifically to enhance your practice and awaken a sense of joy within.

See information below and on the website. Please join us.

Here is a short message from Simon. (Apologies for the poor quality)

In our busy world, if we can at least manage to set up a ‘spiritual sandwich’, of our day, meaning a good morning and evening practise, then during the middle of our day when generally we have so many ‘worldy’ duties to take care of, our minds and hearts should be nicely balanced.

So after our sunrise kirtan (details below), we will end the day with reflections on “The  Posture of Surrender” at one of Australia’s most highly regarded yoga schools, Yoga Synergy, in Newtown. An informal discussion of the the practise of bhakti yoga as a means to connect with our real selves, our ultimate life’s purpose and how to carve out and sustain the best path toward our divine aspiration.

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