Take Care Down There

Become empowered to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues

Sunday 3 June 2018: 10.30am – 2.30pm
This evidence based short course is facilitated by Kathi Janssens, a highly skilled exercise therapist. The program is designed for you to learn precious skills that are rarely shared with women, yet essential to achieve long-term reliable pelvic floor control and support.

We’ll cover how to:

  • Safely, effectively and correctly train your pelvic floor muscles with the Discreetly Fit technique instead of “squeezing at the bus-stop” (aided with real time ultrasound)
  • Easily protect your pelvic floor during your ordinary everyday activities
  • Ensure that your muscles work well during the day
  • Learn a highly effective and unique pelvic floor muscle strengthening practice with help from an ultrasound machine (non-invasive).
  • Become enlightened in knowing how to protect yourself from lifestyle induced pelvic floor stress.

As a result, this program can help you to prevent, reverse or improve pelvic floor issues, so you can always enjoy:

  • Pelvic floor strength, control, confidence
  • Embraced femininity
  • Improved yoga practice
  • Great bladder control
  • Worry free sneezes and laughs
  • Protection from prolapse (or management of it)
  • Enhanced sensation during intimacy
  • Protective pelvic floor habits
  • Improved back and pelvic support

Book your place in this important workshop or please share with friends who my need it too.

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