Erin Armendariz


Yoga Synergy’s Advanced Yoga Fundamentals effectively presents the who, what, where, when, why and how of Yoga. Through reading the course material, participating in the lectures, and putting it all into practice I have learned:

WHO can safely perform a pose (with modifications, precautions, and contraindications)
WHAT each pose entails including internal actions usually undetected visually
WHERE to focus activity in the body to reach the desired outcome of the pose
WHEN a pose is best performed in the sequence/when the body is ready for more challenge
WHY the pose affects movement of energy and information in the body’s deep pathways
HOW the body can achieve the greatest benefit from each pose through tips and mindsets

Advanced Yoga Fundamentals empowered me to experience the life-giving results physical yoga offers, including energy and wellness from various forms of physical movement. My body benefited from the course and is better prepared to share what I received.