Michael Thiel-Paul, Bondi Yoga Synergy


I practiced with Yoga Synergy at Bondi in 2005 and since then have been living in QLD. I’ve mostly been exercising in a gym environment, drifiting from the wisdom of the practice that I treasured. Then I revisited the Yoga Synergy DVD Air Beginner. It was a deeply MOVING experience and I felt as if a better part of myself was awoken. I want to express my GRATITUDE to both Simon and Bianca for the highest standoard of Yoga they offer. I strongly believe that you have made the world a better place, helping individuals become more open, balanced and “inwardly calm”. My fiance claims I had my best parenting moment the other day as I was able to converse with our daughter after her first day of school….but I put it down to Yoga Synergy, so thank you, thank you, thank you both.