Monika Lenkefi


I still remember the first Yoga Synergy class I walked into in 2006. I had been practicing yoga for 5 years by then, so I had some experience and learnt from a few very skilled, excellent teachers.

However, my first class with Simon had a definite WOW factor which lasts even today after 13 years of guru-shisja relationship.

He never ceases to amuse me with his one of -a-kind teaching style, his warm, approachable, humble personality. I’m forever indebted to him for sharing his knowledge and wisdom with me.

He is the most authentic teacher I have ever met. His wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, creativity, sensibility, and sense of humour is unprecedented.

Once you’ve had the chance to experience Simon, there is no other place to go.

Grateful forever. THANK YOU.

(Monika Lenkefi, yoga teacher and director of Izisz Yoga Studio, Hungary)