Safaa Serieddine


I cannot describe my feeling totally, but completing this course was a joy and jubilant for me, all people close to me could feel that.
I enrolled in this course based on my instinct and intuition, and it was a win.
I think this course should be recommended to all teachers and households, it is a splendid and joyous course, there are many new things to learn not mentioned before, and a great recap for the anatomy course and deepens the information with more explanation. It enables you not only to practice more safely but even to fix all the pain that may cause by the practice or daily life, as well as helping the people around you. All of the course was interesting and beneficial with Simon, however, I also loved the 12th week with Bianca, it was an important recap summarising the information from the training program that related to the therapy course.
I highly recommend this course!