The Yoga Synergy Teacher Training in Bali has been a really inspiring experience in many ways for me. Bianca and Simon are wonderful teachers with deep knowledge. I appreciate their passion for sharing all they have learnt over the years on their own way with their students.

The mixture of learning with the online courses and having the contact time in Bali were fantastic for me. The online courses gave me the opportunity to learn the material in different ways (reading, seeing, listening and getting active) and to learn in my own time.

What I like most about the training is, that it is suitable for different levels. The best benefit for me as a yoga beginner was to reflect my own moving behaviours. Instead of using force and trying to press my body into positions, I have learnt to move in a gentle, loving and relaxing way, with the result of building up more strength and flexibility I ever did before. Having this in mind also helped me to accept my own limitations, getting back to feel free in my movements and to feel connected within my body again.

Also the beautiful Yoga-students from all over the world, helping each other in their process of learning and growing, made this training very special.

I can’t wait to learn more from Bianca and Simon!

Thank you!