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Top 20 Tips for Health & Happiness from Simon Borg-Olivier

Top 20 Tips for Health & Happiness from Simon Borg-Olivier

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all doing well. These are indeed very challenging times for many people in the world. I recently asked you to share with me your most significant health challenges and I’m thankful for all the great answers people sent me.

On the basis of your feedback, here are my top suggestions on how to improve your health, happiness and longevity:

Here are some things I have found help most people:

  1. breathe naturally from your belly
  2. move more, & move more naturally
  3. walk more often let your hips and shoulders move when you walk
  4. breathe less & make your heartbeat less while moving more (that’s what fit people do)
  5. smoothly move your spine, hips and shoulders every day to connect yourself and make your blood move (do it gently and lovingly)
  6. move from your core and don’t lock your core
  7. relax your abdomen more in everyday life
  8. eat less processed foods
  9. eat more fresh foods
  10. eat less in general
  11. make some quiet time for yourself each day to relax your body and mind as much as you can
  12. laugh as many times a day as children do
  13. look at everything like it is for the first time – because it is always the first time – nothing stays the same
  14. be loving, kind and understanding with yourself and then share this with every soul (human and animal) that you encounter
  15. do service to those around you
  16. be generous with your time & efforts
  17. respect & honour your parents (whether they are alive or not) and give them love where you can – they did their best for you based on their life experience
  18. love your family, including all the ones not related by blood
  19. choose to enjoy your life & help others enjoy their lives
  20. work towards becoming more self-sufficient

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