Water Sequence starts April 4th Join us on the mat at Newtown

Looking for Yoga in Newtown?
Join us on the mat for the Yoga Synergy Water Sequence.

Water Sequence commences Monday 4 April 2022 and will go for 9 weeks.

Water is the second of the 5 Yoga Synergy sequences – the year is underway, routine established, the weather cooling down, but still comfortable. Water is the binding element, the conductor of all the other elements, necessary for survival. Our blood, lymph and other fluids move between our cells and through our vessels, bringing energy, carrying away wastes, regulating temperature, bringing disease fighters, and carrying hormonal information from one area to another. The water sequence practice boosts our immune system in preparation for the winter. The intention with which we practice the water sequence is to bring about change through fluid movement.

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